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Memberships Sold Report


The Memberships Sold Report includes information about the member, salesperson, and other data associated with a membership purchase. It can be filtered by location and employee.

How to Read the Memberships Sold Report

Color coding indicates the relationship between a membership's Sale Date and Tour Date.

  • White: On-site purchase. Sale Date and Tour Date are identical.
  • Green: Online purchase. Sale Date and Tour Date do not match because the membership was purchased online.
  • Red: DGW not completed by the time of purchase. Sale Date and Tour Date do not match because the Member did not complete the Digital Guest Waiver on the day of their purchase.

Sample Memberships Sold Report

Sample Report

Memberships Sold Report Fields

  • Location
  • Location External Billing ID: The location's ID assigned by the club's billing provider.
  • Sale Date
  • Member
  • Email: The Member's email address.
  • Mobile: The Member's mobile phone number.
  • Home: The Member's home phone number.
  • Work: The Member's work phone number.
  • Barcode: The membership's barcode assigned by the club's billing provider.
  • Origin: Member's Origin - the way they initially contacted the club (examples include Walk-in, Phone Inquiry, Web Lead)
  • Marketing Source: The source through which a Member first discovered the club.
  • Salesperson: The employee credited with the membership sale
  • Tour Date: The date and time of the Member's introductory club tour
  • Tour Person: The employee named as "Toured By" on the Member's initial visit
  • Type: The type of membership that the Member purchased.
  • ORTS Booked: Displays a Y/N to indicate whether the Member was scheduled for a PT Orientation when they purchased the membership. (Some clubs use different terminology, such as Assessment or Fitness Consultation. This column might appear as FAs/FCs/MPAs Booked, etc.)
  • Self Signup: Displays a Y/N to indicate whether the membership was purchased online (as opposed to in-person with a staff member).
  • EFT: If applicable, the monthly EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) amount that the member has agreed to pay
  • Down: The down payment (if any) that the Member paid upon purchase
  • Renewal Date: The date the Member's membership agreement was renewed (if applicable)
  • Rewrite Date: The date the Member's membership agreement was rewritten (if applicable)
  • Billing Status:
  • Billing Status Date: The date the Member's most recent billing status was acquired.
  • Agreement Number: The membership agreement's identification number.
  • User External Billing ID: ID number assigned to the Member by the club's billing provider.


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