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Who Will Receive My Campaign Emails?


Email Campaigns allow club staff to construct personalized emails that can be sent to a wide, specified audience simultaneously. For this reason, campaigns can serve a variety of functions such as offering each Expired Guest a limited-time discount on a memberships or telling each individual ‘Happy Birthday’.

Club OS provides staff with the option of examining a campaign’s list of expected recipients both before and after its email is sent. Checking this list will aid staff in verifying that their campaign’s filters are set as expected.  

To access this list, enter the Email Campaign in question and navigate to its Send page.

Click ‘Preview Recipients’.

A pop-up window will appear, stating that the list can only display which individuals would receive the email if the campaign were issued tomorrow. To proceed, click ‘OK’.

Within minutes, the Email Campaign Preview Report will arrive at the email address that is currently associated with the user’s account. Upon its arrival, click the attachment to open the report.

The Email Campaign Preview Report will open -containing the full names and assorted contact info of each prospective campaign recipient.

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