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How Do I Set Up My Campaign to Send to Every Inactive Member?


Filters allow club staff to specify the exact audience for which their campaign’s emails are intended. With every filter that an employee selects, that campaign earns an additional opportunity for personalization as it will be received by an increasingly niche audience.

Follow the steps below to discover how staff can arrange for their campaign’s email to send exclusively to the entirety of their club’s Inactive Members.


Enter the Email Campaign in question and navigate to its Recipients page.

> Email Campaign > Recipients Page


Click the Target Audience section’s dropdown menu and select ‘All Inactive Members’.

Upon clicking ‘Select Inactive Members’, additional filters will appear:

These filters are optional and blank by default. To assure that each Inactive Member within the club remains capable of receiving the campaign email, these filters must remain blank. 
Click here to discover how to send a campaign to specific Inactive Members, only.

> 'All Inactive Members'


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