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New Release: 10/21/16 - Anytime Fitness





  • Accrual Revenue Report: In this report, the totals section has been moved to the top of columns for easier view-ability, member payments are now organized by three categories, and a ‘Salesperson’ column has been added. (For more info, click here.)


  • Member Service (Remaining Units): Users can now view the expiration date for unused units in a member’s service agreement. (For more info, click here.)


  • Package Setup (Renewal Types): Users can now permit or restrict renewal types from being applied to agreements during package creation. Additionally, users can assign a default renewal type for the package. (For more info, click here.)


  • PT Revenue: Revenue from PT invoices will now be recorded as earned based on two criteria: (a) the transaction date that an invoice received a successful payment attempt and (b) the invoice having a status of ‘Paid’ or ‘Pending’. This definition of PT Revenue is based on accrual accounting methodology and is standardized through Club OS, including for the ‘PT Total KPIs’, the ‘PT Vitals Report’, and the ‘Accrual Revenue Report’.


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