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Recurring Event Logic: Funding Icons and Event Reminders


Recurring events do not always operate under the same logic as individual events. Specifically, these differences are exhibited through the way in which recurring events handle, both, funding icons and event reminders. Read below for details on how each feature is handled differently within recurring events.

A. Funding Icon

Once an individual event has become funded, it will display a green dollar sign within the Club OS calendar.

However, when a Member has scheduled a series of recurring, funded events, not every event within the series will display a funding icon automatically. Instead, only the series’ earliest-set, upcoming event will possess the icon as it is the only event in the series that Club OS currently considers ‘real’.

Once this ‘real’ event occurs, Club OS will move on to deem the series’ next event as ‘real’ and provide it with a funding icon. This process will repeat until each event within the series has been used.


At 7AM, on February 21st, Scott P. scheduled a series of Sunday and Saturday trainings to last throughout February. Club OS, then, would deem only Scott’s February 21st event as ‘real’, thus supplying it with a funding icon. Meanwhile, Scott’s February 27th event would not qualify as ‘real’ -making it incapable of possessing a funding icon.

However, once Scott’s February 21st event has occurred, Club OS will reconsider his February 27th event as ‘real’, thus supplying it with a funding icon.

B. Event Reminders

While scheduling an event, club staff can set an Event Reminder to alert its participating Owner and/or Attendees once the event is within two days of occurring.

However, in the case of recurring events, not every event will issue its set alert automatically. Instead, only the series’ initial event will issue its Event Reminder.

To force the series’ subsequent events’ Reminders to send:

  1. Enter each event within the recurring series.

    2.  Next, simply click ‘Save Event’.

         Interacting with a subsequent event will cause Club OS to re-qualify that event as independent -thus
         freeing it from recurring event logic. As a result, each saved event’s
Event Reminder will now  
         automatically send as scheduled.

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    Brian Mikesell

    What does a purple dollar sign mean? We get this often.