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How Do I Schedule Multiple Attendees for a Group Training Session?



Club OS allows users to schedule group training events with multiple attendees. In order to ensure trainers are correctly compensated for events, follow these steps when creating a group training event.  

Note: This article focuses on group training which Club OS designates as training with four or more attendees. However, these steps can also be applied to semi-private training which Club OS designates as training with two or three attendees.



First, select ‘Calendar’ from the Club OS task bar.


Then, select ‘Calendar’ from the side menu.


> Calendar > Calendar


On the calendar, there are two options for scheduling a new group event:


1. Select the ‘Add Event’ button located at the top right of the screen.

2. If the trainer has set their availability in the schedule, select the pink ‘Class’ icon.


Note: Group Training is represented on the calendar by the blue icon with two running figures.


> Add Event


The ‘Add New Event’ pop-up window will automatically open. First, select the ‘Select Event Type’’ drop-down menu.  


                                                                               (Below, additional options not pictured)

Then, select ‘Group Training’ from the drop-down list.


> Event Type


Enter the event title in the ‘Subject’ text field.

Note: Event subjects will be recorded on the Commission Report. It is recommended the 'Subject' field always be completed in order to track the impact and popularity of differing events, especially in regards to the Anytime Fitness Alloy programClick here to learn more about the Commission Report. 

> Subject


Select the ‘Start Date’ calendar icon.


A pop-up calendar will automatically open. Select the desired event start date from the calendar.



Then, set the ‘Start time’ and ‘End time’ of the event using their corresponding drop-down menus.



If the event will be recurring, click the small white box of the ‘Repeats’ option.


The ‘Repeats’ expanded options menu will automatically open below.


1. The ‘Repeats’ drop-down menu is used to select the frequency of the recurring event. Select the drop-down menu, then select an option from the drop-down list.


2. The ‘Repeat Every’ option further defines the frequency. These options are subordinate to ‘Repeats’ options, therefore vary depending on the selection made in the ‘Repeats’ menu.  


Example: If ‘Monthly’ is selected in the ‘Repeats’ menu and if ‘2’ is selected in the ‘Repeat Every’ menu, then the event will repeat every two months.

Note: The ‘Repeat Every’ options are only necessary if the ‘Daily’, ‘Weekly’, ‘Monthly’, or ‘Yearly’ option is selected in the ‘Repeats’ menu. The ‘Repeat Every’ menu will not appear if one of these options is not selected.  


 3. The ‘Ends’ menu is comprised of three options:

  • On - A specified date that the event will end. (Use the calendar icon to select the desired date)
  • After - The event ends after a specified number of occurrences. (Use the text field to enter the desired number).
  • Never - The event continues recurring indefinitely. 




Click the small white circle next to each option to select it.

> Start Date > Start Time > End Time > Repeats



The ‘Notes’ section enables trainers to keep records about the event. Input notes directly into the text field. Once the event is saved, the notes will be retained/stored within the text field.


The ‘Status’ drop-down menu enables trainers to update the status of the event. Click the drop-down menu and select an option from the drop-down list:

  • Active: The default setting for events that have not occurred yet.
  • Confirmed: The attending members have confirmed their attendance.
  • Re-scheduled: The event has been re-scheduled for an alternative date.
  • Canceled: The event has been canceled and will no longer take place.


> Notes > Status


The ‘Event Reminder’ options enable scheduled reminders to be sent to the event owner and/or the attendees about the approaching event. To select either option, click its small white box, then use the corresponding drop-down menu to set a time for the reminder to be sent. For more Event Reminder Basics, click here.


Note: Text message is the default method of communication for event reminders. However, if an attendee does not have a mobile phone number on file they will receive an email reminder.

> Event Reminder


The ‘Add Attendees’ section is located on the right side of the pop-up window.


                                                       (Below, additional options not pictured)

The ‘Search assigned members only’ filter narrows search results to only members assigned to the trainer who created the event. Click the small white box to select this option.


The ‘Max #’ field enable trainers to enter a maximum number of attendance spots for an event to prevent overbooking.


The ‘Type Attendee’s Name’ search bar is used to locate members the event owner wants included in the event. The corresponding profile(s) will appear in a drop-down menu. Select the desired member profile from the drop-down list.


> Type Attendee’s Name


When a member profile is selected it will appear in the ‘Attending’ display box, located directly below the search bar.


Within the ‘Attending’ display box, the member profile tile contains several important features:


1. The ‘Status’ drop-down menu is used to update the member’s status in terms of the event. Select the ‘Status’ drop-down menu and a submenu will open. There are five status options available:

  • Active: The default setting for attendees.
  • Confirmed: The member has confirmed they will attend the event.
  • Rescheduled: The member has rescheduled for a different date.
  • Canceled: The member cannot attend and will not be charged for the event.
  • Canceled - Charge: The member cannot attend but the PT unit will be consumed and trainer commission paid out.
  • No Show: The member did not attend the event and did not cancel before the date.
  • No Show - Charge: The member did not attend and did not cancel but the PT unit will be consumed and trainer commission paid out.
  • Completed: The member attended and the PT unit will be consumed and trainer commission paid out.

To save the updated status, click the ‘Save Status’ button at the bottom of the page.


Note: After the event, the trainer should return to the event window and ensure all attendees’ statuses have been updated accordingly. ‘Canceled - Charge’, ‘No Show - Charge’, and ‘Completed’ statuses will render the event and result in the trainer commission being paid.

2. The ‘Email’ option enables trainers to send personalized emails to an individual attendee as opposed to all attendees. Click the small white box for the desired attendee. Once the box is clicked, the ‘Save Event’ button will change to ‘Save Event and Send Notifications’. The email will be sent as soon as the button is selected.


Note: The text of the email is composed in the ‘Email Notification’ text field, located below.

3. The ‘X’ is used to remove members from the ‘Attending’ display box. The member will not be included in the event or receive event reminders/notifications.


> Assigned Members Only > Max # > Type Attendee’s Name > Select Service


The ‘Select Service’ drop-down menu will populate with the service agreements that the attending members have purchased.


Click on the drop-down menu and select the service agreement that corresponds with the event from the drop-down list.


Note: The correct service agreement must be selected for ALL attendees as this dictates the commission rate the trainer receives for the event. If an attending member has not purchased the corresponding service agreement then the trainer will not be compensated correctly. Further, an attending member may have purchased the corresponding service agreement but at a differing price point, which will also result in inaccurate compensation. One workaround is to create a separate event for the member with the differing price point, so once both events are rendered the trainer receives the correct commission rate for each event.

Click here to learn more about possible reasons a trainer was not paid for an event.

> Select Service


The ‘Email Notification’ section is used to compose event emails. Trainers can input email text directly into the text field. Emails are immediately sent once the event is saved.



The ‘Email All Attendees’ option sends the event email to all event attendees. Click the small white box to choose the option.


Note: To send an email to an individual attendee, use the ‘Email’ option located on the member profile tile in the ‘Attending’ display box above.

> Email Notification


To finalize the event, select the ‘Save Event’ button at the bottom of the ‘Add New Event’ pop-up window.


> Save Event


The event will now be displayed on the trainer’s calendar. If any changes need to be made to the event after it has been created, click the event icon in the calendar and the ‘Edit Event’ pop-up window will automatically open.

  • To add a new attendee, follow the steps outlined in section seven.
  • To change attendee statuses, follow the steps outlined in section eight.


Note: The green dollar sign on the event icon indicates the event has been successfully funded. A red dollar sign indicates the event has not been fully funded.

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