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How Do I Edit a Staff Member's Location Access?


Club OS enables club admins to add, remove, or change a staff member’s Location Access. Granting a staff member access to a specific club location allows them to operate within the chosen location’s Club OS account. Follow this workflow to edit a staff member’s Location Access.

Note: Location Access only grants a staff member permission to operate within a specific location. The staff member’s level of access and abilities within that location’s account are determined by their role and permissions. Click here to learn more about ‘Roles’.



First, navigate to the desired staff member’s profile with the ‘User Search’.


> User Search


On the staff member’s profile, hover over the Account Settings Icon in the top right corner. Then, select the staff member’s ‘Account Settings’ tab from the drop-down menu.



> User Settings


On ‘Account Settings’, scroll down to the ‘Location Access’ section. Then, select the ‘Default Location’ drop-down menu.


Select the desired location from the drop-down list. This will be the staff member’s primary location and its data will automatically populate their dashboard upon logging into their account.


> Default Location


To grant the staff member access to multiple locations, select the desired locations from the ‘Other Locations’ menu. For PCs, hold the ‘Control’ button when selecting multiple locations. For Mac, hold the ‘Command’ button. The selected locations will be highlighted in blue.


Note: If an employee is given access to multiple locations, their dashboard will automatically populate with the default location data upon logging in. Use the KPI, Follow-Up Window, Top Ten, and Calendar drop-down menus to navigate between each location and view its information.


> Other Locations


Finally, select the ‘Save Location Information’ button to retain changes.


> Save Location Information


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