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New Release: 8/19/16



  • The ability to access multiple locations now extends to Location Managers, Front Desk staff, and Salespersons.

  • Clubs can now send/receive emails of any domain (ex. AOL, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc.) without violating the DMARC policies. 


  • Campaign Email:

    • The ‘From Email’ will now display as ‘’.

    • The ‘From Name’ will now display as either the Email Campaign’s name or the name of the assigned employee.

    • The ‘Reply-To Email’ will now appear as either the pre-selected Campaign Email 1, Campaign Email 2 or assigned employee’s email address.

    • For more info on how to edit Campaign Emails, click here.
  • User Search: The ‘Marketing Source’ filter now includes disabled sources. For more info on User Search Filters, click here.

  • Marketing Source:

    • Facebook: Prospect accounts will now display the submitted Lead Ad form’s title within its ‘Marketing Source’ field. For more on Facebook Lead Ad Integration, click here.

    • HubSpot: Prospect accounts will now display the submitted HubSpot Lead Form’s title and page’s title within its ‘Marketing Source’ field. For more on HubSpot Integration, click here.

Jonas Compete

  • Club OS now syncs Email/SMS opt-outs and Salespeople to Jonas Compete.
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    Davide Cook

    Thank You- Davide Cook The Edge Family Fitness of Wilsonville

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    Nick Teeto

    Appreciate the updates!