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How Do I Setup an Alloy Package and Event?


Anytime Fitness Live Programming, powered by Alloy, is a program designed to deliver both group and personal training to its clubs. Amongst other things, Alloy’s program provides clubs with uniquely curated, immediately-available workouts along with clear guides on how to market, price, sell, and launch such events. For Alloy’s many other features, click here.

How Does It Work?

Alloy sorts each group event into one of three goal-oriented programs: Base, Burn, or Build.

1) The Base Program features simple events for Members looking only to stay active.

2) The Burn Program aids Members who are desiring to drop weight and burn calories.

3) The Build Program supports Members seeking to bulk up muscle. Alloy also   

Alloy also offers all-in-one personal training.  

How Do I Set Up an Alloy Package?

  1. Personal Training:

    Begin by entering Package Setup’s Packages tab and clicking ‘Add Package’. Build a typical package and don't forget to click 'Save'.

  2. Group Training:

    Begin by entering Package Setup’s Member Services tab and clicking ‘Add Member Service’. Build a typical service and name it ‘Group Training’. Click 'Save'. 

         Next, enter Package Setup’s Package tab and click ‘Add Package’. Build a typical
package and name it
         ‘Group Training - Base, Burn, Build’.
Note: It is not necessary to create a package per each Alloy
         program. However, a club
must create a ‘Base, Burn, Build’ package for every billing cycle it utilizes.

         Don't forget to click 'Save'.

How Do I Set Up an Alloy Event?

Begin within the Trainer’s calendar and click ‘Add Event’. A pop-up window will appear. From within the Event Type menu, per the Member’s request, click either ‘Personal’ or ‘Group Training’.

Next, from the Service menu, select that Training’s service.

Lastly, within the Subject line, be sure to signify which Alloy program the event embodies: Base, Burn, or Build. (
Note: Subjects will appear within the Commission Report where staff can track which Alloy events are the highest attended.) Fill out the rest of the event as usual.

Upon clicking ‘Save Event’, the event will appear in Club OS’ calendar as:

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