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New Release: 9/23/16 - Anytime Fitness



  • PT Payroll Report: Now includes a new ‘Subject’ column which allows staff to specify event types in relation to the Alloy training model. For more on the PT Payroll Report, click here.


  • The Employee’s Active Clients Report has been revised to only portray Members who possess remaining units on their agreement(s). Other modifications include:

    • Each service that possesses a remaining unit is now represented by its own row in the report.

    • An additional table now displays Members who are not currently assigned a Trainer.

    • For more updates on the Employee’s Active Clients Report, click here.

  • The Renewal Opportunity Report is now called the Renewal Report. (For more on the Renewal Report, click here.)

  • Member Services: An invoice's 'Status' column will now display an alert if the invoice receives a past due or delinquent status. For more on the Session Count Screen, click here.


Click here to access archived New Release notes.

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