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How to Access, Filter and Schedule Reports


Club OS offers a wide range of Reports on club and employee activity. Permissions at your club determine which users have access. Club Admins (and other users with permission) can generate reports on demand at any time, and can also set up reports to be automatically generated and sent on a schedule.

Accessing Reports

To generate or schedule a report, click ‘Reports’ on the sidebar menu. (If you do not see this feature, please contact your manager for assistance.) 

The Reports page lists every report that is currently available for your club. (View a full list of available Club OS Reports. Your club may not use every report on the list.)

Reports screen

Option 1: Generate Report Immediately

Click on the name of the report.

List of reports

A pop-up window will appear with a brief description of the report, along with options for filtering the data. 

Report Filters

Available filters will depend on the type of report - not all reports use all filters.

  • Date Range
  • Location: Choose ‘All Locations’ or a specific club site
  • Employee: Choose ‘All Employees’ or a specific staff member 
  • Group Locations: Provides data for multiple locations. Each location's data will appear on its own row.


Memberships Sold Report popup window

After you've set your filters, click "Email now". The report will be sent to the email address connected with your Club OS account. (If you are not receiving reports, double check that your email address is correct in your Account Settings.) 

Option 2: Schedule the Report

Click the ‘[+ Schedule]’ link to the right of the report:

Schedule link

A pop-up window will appear with a brief description of the report, along with available filters. You will also set scheduling settings here.

Available Filters

Scheduling Settings

  • Name: Choose a title for this custom report -- this will also appear in the email subject line.
  • Frequency: Options include ‘Daily’, ‘Weekday’, ‘Weekly’, ‘Bi-Monthly’, and ‘Monthly’
  • Time of Day: When the report will be delivered
  • Other Recipients: Add the email address for anyone else you would like to receive the scheduled report.


After setting the filters, click Save. You can also click Email Now to have the filtered report sent to you immediately.

Save or Email Now

Troubleshooting - Not getting reports?

If you've followed these instructions and aren't receiving your reports, check that:

  • You have an up to date email address in your Club OS Account AND it is not shared with any other accounts in Club OS (Here's how to check.)
  • The emails are not being sent to a spam or junk folder by your email provider

Club OS Reports

View a full list of available Club OS Reports.

The specific Reports available to your club are set at the system admin level. To make changes to your settings, please contact our support team.

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