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New Release: 8/5/16 - Anytime Fitness



  • Unpaid Invoice Report:

    • Previously titled: the ‘Delinquency and Written-Off Invoices Report’.

    • New ‘Summary’ Tab: Displays the total quantity and dollar value of a location’s unpaid invoices per invoice type.

    • ‘Delinquency’ Tab: Has now been replaced with the ‘Unpaid Invoices’ tab.

    • New ‘Payment Attempts’ Tab: Displays the transactions of each invoice listed within the ‘Unpaid Invoices’ tab.

    • ‘Voided Invoice’ Tab: Now called the ‘Written-Off Invoices’ tab.

    • For more info on the (now) Unpaid Invoice Report, click here.


Click here to access archived New Release notes.

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    Judy carlin

    How can I render a past event? Trained someone on Saturday, and forgot to render. Need to render today. Judy Carlin, Anytime in Excelsior MN