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Do Not Call List


If a prospect or member has registered their number on the National Do Not Call List, Club OS will notify users if their number is registered to help decide if and how to contact that prospect or member. Every state and company has their own rules about who can and when it's appropriate to contact someone with a registered number. This feature is to help users adhere to their company's policies. Please consult your company's legal team and policies before proceeding.


Enabling this feature

A Club OS staff member can assist with enabling this feature for your club. Prior to enabling, the National Dot Not Call must be purchased and provided to Club OS by the company, according to (Club OS cannot purchase the list on your behalf). The list can be purchased nation-wide or area code(s) specific. Once subscribed, the list should be downloaded and provided to Club OS every 30 days to stay aligned with Federal Trade Commission Guidelines. Each upload will destruct any previous upload to ensure phone numbers are only checked against the most-up to-date list.


How are phone numbers checked?

The list provided to Club OS will be uploaded to your club's system and all existing phone numbers will be checked against the list. When a new prospect or member is added to Club OS, any phone numbers will be checked against the list upon creation. Each phone number will be assigned a status:

  • Do Not Call: the phone number matches a number on the Club's National Do Not Call List

  • Unknown: the phone number was checked against the list and not found but could not be validated. Reasons it could not be validated:
    • List is out of date (last upload is over 30 days ago)
    • List did not include the phone number's area code

  • OK: the phone number could be validated and was not found on the list

What will users see?

When contacting a prospect or member by phone number, users will see the assigned status of Do Not Call or Unknown then decide how to contact based on your company's policies. If a status is not seen, the number is okay. For any numbers that are Do Not Call or Unknown, the phone number will be masked anywhere the phone number is displayed. If company policy allows the number to be contacted, the user can unmask the number and that action is logged. An audit log can be requested from Club OS at anytime.




Existing business relationships

Phone numbers that match a number on the Do Not Call List but fall within the threshold of an existing business relationship (EBR) will have a status of OK to call. Once they are no longer within the threshold of an EBR, their number will be masked and displayed as Do Not Call or Unknown if their number meets the criteria for either status. 

Rules of an existing business relationship:

  • Prospects, up to 90 days after submitting an inquiry
    • Submission (Web Lead form, Guest Waiver, Outreach Form, etc)
    • Scheduling an Appointment

  • Re-Interested Prospects, up to 90 days from submitting an inquiry

  • Re-Interested Ex-Member, up to 90 days from submitting an inquiry

  • Members, with an active membership

  • Ex-Members, up to 18 months after end of membership

**Referrals and Referral Submissions are excluded from EBR and are always checked against the Do Not Call List

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