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How Can I Allow Duplicate Accounts for Multiple Locations?


Club OS now offers its clubs the opportunity to allow or deny a customer’s ability to open duplicate accounts at additional club locations. These three permissions grant clubs the ability to customize the amount of power that a Prospect, Inactive Member, or Active Member ought to have in choosing where to work out. To set these permissions, please contact our support team.

Duplicate Basics

An account is deemed a ‘duplicate’ when it contains the identical name and contact info (phone and/or email) as another club account.

Duplicate accounts do not sync. Each duplicate account exists apart from its predecessor. Therefore, staff cannot transfer packages/data between the two accounts. If the Prospect opts to purchase either a membership or package from their additional club, that purchase is a wholly new agreement. Furthermore, by initiating their new account, the Prospect will now inhabit two locations’ follow-up schedules simultaneously.

Note: Regardless of whether duplicate accounts between locations is allowed or denied, re-submitting identical info to a single location will never result in the creation of a duplicate account.

The Permissions

1) ‘Create Duplicate Prospect if Matching Prospect Exists at Different Location

     Allows/Denies a Prospect’s ability to possess two identical accounts at two locations

     Example: A Prospect visiting multiple locations in search of which club site works best for

2) ‘Create Duplicate Prospect if Matching Inactive Member Exists at Different Location

    Allows/Denies an Inactive Member’s ability to possess two (non-identical) accounts at two
    locations simultaneously. (Though the contact info is identical, the member status is not.)

    Example: An Inactive Member finding restored interest in attending a location that
    complements their unique tastes/needs.

3) ‘Create Duplicate Prospect if Matching Active Member Exists at Different Location’

    Allows/Denies a Member’s ability to possess two (non-identical) accounts at two locations
    Simultaneously. (Though the contact info is identical, the member status is not.)

    Example: A Member visiting a second location while vacationing in a new city.

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