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How Do I Add Notes to Prospect and Member Profiles?


Lead Notes attached to User Profiles can help a club customize pitches for prospects, and personalize a member’s customer service experience by keeping record of interests, goals, progress, preferences, or life events.

Lead Notes can be added when a New Lead is created. They can also be viewed and added any time through the User Profile, Follow-Up Window, or Direct Contact Window.

Profiles can contain multiple Lead Notes. Every time a Lead Note is created, it will also record the date, time, and name of the person who created it. The full Lead Notes history is always available on the Prospecting --> General tab of a Prospect or Member's profile.

Read on for how to view and create Notes.

Add Lead Notes to New Lead | Add Lead Notes to User Profile | Add Lead Notes through Follow-Up Window | Add Lead Notes through Direct Contact Window

Add Lead Notes to New Lead

To record additional information about a Prospect the first time they are entered into your system, add notes while you are creating the New Lead. 

To create the lead, locate the Add button at the top of the screen. Hover and click on the "New Lead" option that appears.

Add New Lead link

On the Add Lead page, you'll find a field for Notes in the box on the left-hand side. Be sure to complete all the required fields and click "Save New Lead" at the bottom.

Notes field on New Lead page

View and Add Lead Notes to User Profile

Two options for User Search

You can see existing Lead Notes and add new Lead Notes directly to a User's profile at any time. Find the Profile via User Search (either at the top of the screen or on the sidebar.)

Once you've located the Prospect or Member, click their name to enter their Profile. Then hover over Prospecting and click General.

Prospecting link on user profile

Scroll down to find the box for Lead Notes on the bottom of the General Tab. (You will also see any Notes that have already been created.) Enter your notes and click "Save Notes". 

Add Lead Notes through the Follow-Up Window

 Lead Notes can be added during the process of completing Follow-Ups. From the Follow-Up Widget on your Dashboard, click Follow-Up next to the name of the Member or Prospect.

Followups widget

The Follow-Up window for that user will open. On the left, you'll see any Lead Notes that have already been added.

existing notes on followup window

When you choose a contact method for the Follow-Up (Call/Email/Text/Other as available) you will find a field where you can add additional Notes.

Followups contact options

Add Lead Notes via Direct Contact

Locate the Prospect or Member and enter their Profile. Click the envelope icon on the upper right to open the Direct Contact message window.

direct contact option on user profile

Just like with Follow-Ups, a message window will appear that displays any existing Lead Notes. When you choose a contact method, you'll see a field to add your own notes.

It is also possible to add "General Notes" to a Member's Fitness Profile. This is for fitness information only. General Notes consist of one field of text that can be edited anytime and does not preserve history in the same way that Lead Notes do.

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