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The Renewal Report


The Renewal Report tracks the upcoming renewals and/or expirations of client Agreements and the club's most recent activity with those clients. Agreements are listed in three different renewal categories: Non-Auto-Renew, Auto-Renew Term (agreements that renew according to a term), and Auto-Renew Open (agreements that renew on a billing cycle). The report can be filtered by date range, location, and employee.

Each category is presented on its own tab, and the agreements on each tab are organized into separate tables by billing cycle. (For example, agreements billed monthly are listed separately from agreements billed every two weeks.)

Renewal Report Fields

The following data appears on every tab in this report:

  • Location ID: Your location's ID
  • Initial Term End Date: The date that an agreement is expected to expire
  • Last Name: Member's last name
  • First Name: Member's first name
  • Email: Member's email address
  • Phone: Member's phone number
  • Agreement Name: The name of the agreement in question
  • Recurring Payment Amount: The cost of each agreement’s invoice.
  • Remaining Units: The number of remaining units/sessions in the agreement.
  • Salesperson: The employee listed as the Salesperson on this agreement
  • Agreement Trainer: The employee listed as the Trainer on the agreement
  • Last Completed Event: The most recent completed event associated with the agreement
  • Last Measurement Date: The most recent date the Member's measurements were updated 
  • Last Follow-Up Date and Type: The date and method (Direct, Membership, or PT) of the most recent Follow-Up contact with this member (Example: 8/1/16 (M))
  • Follow-Up Performed By: The employee who performed the most recent Follow-Up


The Non-Auto-Renew (Date Range) Tab

Non-Auto-Renew tab

The Initial Term End Date is the date that a Non-Auto-Renew Agreement is expected to expire. 


The Auto-Renew Term (All Active) Tab

Auto-Renew by Term tab

The Initial Term End Date is the date that an Auto-Renew Term agreement's initial term ended. (It then automatically renewed for the same term length.)


The Auto-Renew Open (All Active) Tab

Auto-Renew Open tab

The Initial Term End Date is the date that an Auto-Renew Open Agreement's initial term ended. (It then automatically renewed for the next billing cycle.)


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