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How Does a Lead Become a Missed Guest?


Once a Lead is introduced to a club, either that club’s staff or its Digital Guest Waiver will set an appointment with them in hopes of pitching membership opportunities. If, for example, a Telephone Inquiry or Walk In agrees to an appointment, that Lead then becomes classified as Appt Booked. During the appointment, the employee will offer the Lead either a purchasable membership, a free guest pass, or both. If the Lead then leaves having denied either option, that Lead’s status is switched to Missed Guest. This switch can only occur once the event has been set to complete -either manually by an employee or by Club OS’ nightly auto-complete.

Note: Though a reason for refusal can be logged inside the Lead’s profile, it is not necessary. If no reason is supplied by the time its event is set to complete by staff, then no reason will be recorded. However, if it is Club OS’ system auto-completing the event, the Lead’s reason for becoming a Missed Guest will automatically register as ‘Unknown’.

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