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What Are My Lead Ad Auto-Response Options?


Lead Ad Auto-Responses are emails that send instantly upon the submission of a new Facebook Lead Ad Prospect. If interested, each club can choose between two email options: either the Web Lead Response System Email or the New Prospect Response Automatic Campaign. 

Note: Neither will send unless they have been previously set-up within Marketing.

If the Club Admin chooses to leave both types unchecked, a Lead will still remain qualified for other, future automatic campaigns. (Example: Birthday Greeting)

A. The Web Lead Response System Email

Located within Marketing's System Emails tab, this option automatically sends to any Prospect that originated as a web lead, specifically. For further details on the Web Lead Response Email, click here.


The New Prospect Response Automatic Campaign

Located within Marketing's Automatic Campaigns tab, this option will also automatically send to any Prospect that arrived via a specific source. For further details on the New Prospect Response Automatic Campaign, click here.

Best Practice: Select only one email option. As an exception, utilizing both options can prove helpful as long as each email contains unique info. (For Example: If the Automatic Campaign were to give a general greeting whereas the System Email extended a ‘web lead-only’ promo.) 


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