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How Do I Reschedule Follow-Ups?


Club OS offers its users the ability to customize how their follow-ups are rescheduled. Users can arrange for their follow-ups to redistribute over a series of dates or all on the same day. They can also pick between rescheduling the entirety of their follow-ups or, instead, a specified portion (ex. filtered status or overdue follow-ups).

Please note that the ability to reschedule follow-ups is controlled by the Permissions of your account. If you do not see this option, you or an admin for your location may need to enable this feature. The steps to do this can be found here: Permissions Breakdown.

To see how rescheduling follow-ups is accomplished, refer to the steps below.


Start inside the User Search page. To the right of the User Search bar is the Search Actions drop down box. Click it.


User Search > Search Actions


The Search Actions menu will expand. Scroll through and click ‘Reschedule Follow-Up’.


> ‘Reschedule Follow-Up’


Here, the Reschedule Follow-Up pop-up window will appear.


To begin the rescheduling process, select the range of dates over which the follow-ups will be redistributed. This is done by clicking each calendar icon and manually setting the date(s).


Once the user has designated a date range, Club OS will evenly divide the total number of follow-ups to be redistributed over the newly selected number of days. Example: If Employee A sets their 100 follow-ups to redistribute across four days’ time, each date would then reschedule twentyfive follow-ups.


If wishing to reschedule for one solitary date (as opposed to a date range), simply set both the Start and End date for the exact same day.


Note: Be aware of the availability of the employee assigned to perform follow-ups. This window is not synced to a club’s calendar and, thus, will add to that employee’s workload regardless of their saved availability.

> Set Start/End Dates


Select the follow-up category for which rescheduling is meant to occur: Membership or PT Sales.


> Select Follow-Up Type


The last feature, the ‘Limit’ box, is an optional step. This exists for users seeking to reschedule only a fraction of their overall follow-ups.


Example: If Employee A only wanted to reschedule half of their 100 follow-ups, they would then type ‘50’ into the Limit box. Fifty follow-ups would then re-schedule while the other fifty remained untouched.

> (Set Follow-Up Limit)


When finished, click ‘Go’ to save.


> ‘Go’ Button


Overdue Follow-Ups

To isolate your overdue follow-ups you'll want to navigate to the bottom of the User Search page and use the Time Range filter. In the drop-down, choose Follow-up (M) Date. This will be looking at when the Membership follow-up is due. In the calendar boxes below the drop-down, leave the left calendar box blank to say beginning of time and choose yesterdays date form the right calendar box. This will isolate all overdue membership follow-ups. You can use Follow-up (PT) Date and the same time range settings to isolate overdue PT follow-ups.

If done correctly, the results at the top of the page will match the overdue follow-up count found in your follow-up queue.



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    Tonya Creamer

    The search actions drop down menu does not contain the options listed on this article. I need a solution for overdue follow ups.

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    Sanet deLucia

    Why is there no date set for some of my follow-ups?