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Cancellation Report


The Cancellation Report lists the details of agreements that were manually cancelled during a selected date range. It does not include agreements that were automatically cancelled due to being rewritten.

Sample Cancellation Report

Sample report

 Cancellation Report Fields

  • Location Name
  • Cancel Date
  • Last Name: Member's last name
  • First Name: Member's first name
  • Email: Member's email address
  • Purchased Date: Original purchase date of the Agreement
  • Agreement Name
  • Member Services: If an Agreement contains multiple Member Services, they will all appear here separated by commas
  • #Paid Invoices: The number of invoices paid toward the agreement prior to its cancellation.
  • Salesperson: The employee listed as Salesperson on the Agreement.
  • Initial Trainer: The employee listed as Trainer on the Agreement. 
  • Trainers Assigned: If multiple trainers are assigned to this Member, they will all appear here separated by commas
  • Active Agreement: Displays Yes/No to indicate if the Member has another active Agreement.


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