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Package Sales Summary Report


The Package Sales Summary Report summarizes package sales over the selected date range. 



How the Report Is Organized: 

  • New agreements sold are grouped by member service event type. Agreements containing more than one member service appear in a Mixed Event Type grouping.
  • Rewritten agreements appear in a Rewrites - All Event Types grouping.

Report Columns and Their Definitions:

  • Location Name: The location of the club in which the package sale occurred.
  • Location External Billing ID: The identification number for the location in which the package sale occurred
  • Last Name: Member's last name
  • First Name: Member's first name
  • Member Email: Member's email
  • Package Name
  • Member Service Name: The Member Service(s) attached to the package. Multiple Member Services will be listed separated by commas.
  • Sign Up Date: Purchase date of the package
  • Contract Period End Date: The date in which the Member’s purchasing contract is set to expire.
  • Down Payment: The upfront invoice paid by a Member in purchasing the package. (This field will be empty if a down payment was not made.) This will usually match the Base Payment towards an agreement, or any amount paid at the time of sale. If the down payment had a discount applied, the discounted amount will be displayed.
  • Recurring Payment: The recurring amount on invoices paid towards the package. This value will be  ‘0’ if the service agreement was paid in full by the down payment or if it consisted of a single invoice and was not set to auto-renew. If the recurring payment have a discount applied, the discounted amount will be displayed.
  • Total Package Cost: The total price of the Member’s purchased package (sum of the down payment and all scheduled recurring payments). 
  • Agreement Value Change: For agreements in the Rewrites - All Event Types section, this column indicates the net change in value from the previous agreement’s remaining value. For example, if a member’s agreement had $500 left on the term, then was rewritten effective the next bill cycle for a total agreement value of $700, the rewrite agreement would be listed in the Rewrites - All Event Types section, with a value of $200 in this column ($700-$500). For all other report sections, this column will be empty.
  • Billing Duration: The length of time in which each invoice is set to represent. (Correlates to the "Billing Cycle" in Package Setup.)
  • Package Length: The span of time over which a package’s sessions are set to occur. (Correlates to "Term Length" in Package Setup.)
  • Cancellation Date: Listed, if applicable
  • Promo Code: The promo code of the discount applied, if applicable.
  • Bill Cycle Type: Monthly, Semi-Monthly, or Weekly
  • Number of Scheduled Payment Cycles: The total number of scheduled payments
  • Auto Renew Status
  • Salesperson: The club employee credited with selling the Member their package. (This field may appear blank.)
  • Trainer: The Trainer assigned to the package. (This field may appear blank.)
  • Most Recent Active Membership Sale Date: The date of the Member’s most recent membership purchase. (This field may appear blank.)
  • Preexisting PT Agreement Status: Will display the status of the member's most recent agreement (Active, Completed, Frozen, Canceled), or N/A if the member has no previous agreements.

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