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Top Ten: An Overview


1. Top Ten: An Overview
2. Top Ten: KPI
3. How Do I Filter My Top Ten?
4. The Bottom Ten: An Overview

Club OS’s Top Ten is a window in which a club’s ten highest-performing locations and employees are ranked for comparison. This allows Location Managers and Admins to evaluate a single party’s output in relation to the work produced by other staff. (
Note: The Top Ten is not visible to Front Desk, Salespeople, or Trainers.)

Through Top Ten’s many filters, Managers and Admins are also given the capacity to organize club data through a multitude of perspectives including ‘by employee’, ‘by location’, ‘by date’, and ‘by specified KPI’. The Top Ten can also be switched to show a club’s ten lowest-performing locations/employees. This allows Managers and Admins to see opportunities for re-strategizing and coaching.


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