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How Can I Expand My KPI Table?


1. KPIs: An Overview
2. KPI Definitions
3. How Can I Expand My KPI Table?
4. How Do I Filter My KPIs?
5. How Can I Compare My Current KPIs With Historical KPIs?

Through KPIs, a club’s staff is instantly able to track how successfully they are attaining their Club Admin’s specified goals. For Sales Persons, KPIs supply performance feedback. For Location Managers, they provide clear facts for diagnosing the status of a location and individual employees.

To access KPIs beyond what is present in the KPI window, observe the steps below.


First click ‘Full View’.

Club OS Dashboard > ‘Full View’


The KPI page will appear. Notice that the KPI table now contains several additional metrics.

To expand the KPI table even further, click the +’s found in front of select metrics.


> ‘+ Metric’


Additional sub-metrics will appear. These new metrics contain data that, when added together, make up the figures provided by the the original, broader-titled metric.


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