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How Do I Retrieve My Forgotten Username or Password?


To retrieve a forgotten username or password, start at your Club OS login page.

screenshot of login page


From there, click ‘Forgot Username or Password?’. You will be prompted to enter your email address so we can send you a password reset email.

please enter your email address below


If your account contains both a username and email address, Club OS will send you an email containing your username and a link to a Password Reset page.

screenshot of password reset email


If your account does not contain either a username or unique email address, you will receive an email or login screen error message.

If The Account Does Not Contain a Username

You will receive an email instructing you to ask your Club Admin to assign a username to your account.

screenshot of missing username email

If The Account Does Not Contain a Unique Email Address

This can happen if an email address is missing from an account, or if multiple Club OS accounts are using the same email address. You will not receive an email. Instead, the Log In page will prompt you to contact your Club Admin for assistance.

login screen error prompt


Club Admins can use these troubleshooting steps to add or replace usernames and email addresses on user accounts.

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