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Selling PT Packages: Step 1 - Selecting the Package


Club OS offers club staff the opportunity to both build and sell PT Packages. By selling PT Packages, both Salespersons and Trainers can accrue commission as Members integrate further with the club. Selling PT Packages is a three-step process. This article, Selecting the Package, is Step 1. For other steps, click one of the links below. (For steps on how to create PT Packages, click here.)

Step 1: Selecting the Package
Step 2: Editing the Package
Step 3: Finalizing the Package

Before a package can be edited, approved, or put into effect, staff must first select a package based upon the Member’s unique desires. This article illustrates how to locate, review, and choose packages on a Member’s behalf.


Enter the Member’s name into the User Search bar, seen towards the top-left corner of the screen. Next, either select the spyglass icon or hit ‘return’ on the keyboard. Instantly, related profiles will appear.


> User Search > Search Bar


Select the Member’s profile.


> Select Profile


Once inside the Member’s profile, select ‘Club Services’ from within Club Setting's side menu.


> Club Settings > Club Services


Next, click the ‘Add Service Agreement’ button.

> ‘Add Service Agreement’


The Package Presentation Screen will appear.

Packages are presented alphabetically and can be filtered by, both, the type of Member Service and Billing Cycle it possesses.

Each package also contains a breakdown of the agreement's details in the interest of expediting the reviewal process.



Note: To compare packages (and clear the rest), check the box that precedes each promising package and click 'Present Selected'.

Once the Member finds a satisfying package, click its 'Continue' button.

> Select Package


Step 2: Editing the Package >

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    Tony Burrier

    Nice job! Improved presentation value.

    Can we fine tune the pricing displayed in the price column? Default it to the package default prices and not the max prices?

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    Tony Burrier

    Can't find a back button in the Club Services/ Add Service/ Agreement Packages page.