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The Opt-In SMS/Email Functionality on a Digital Guest Waiver


This feature will provide extra legal coverage for clubs who use SMS and emails. Prospects who fill out the DGW form will have additional options to indicate if they would like to receive SMS/Email correspondence from clubs. Furthermore, additional liability text will display next to the opt-in option for Prospects to read and agree to prior to selecting the option.

A. How It Works



Depending on each club’s preference, both the ‘SMS’ and ‘Email’ opt-in boxes will be either uniformly checked or uniformly unchecked upon opening the Digital Guest Waiver. Regardless, if a Lead wishes to opt-out of club contact at the DGW-level, their Opt-In boxes must be submitted as unchecked. Club OS will consider this act to be an explicit opt-out and will record the action in the club’s Opt-Out Report. If a same Lead submits multiple DGW’s over time, Club OS will acknowledge only the most recent submission’s checkbox status. Therefore, though a Lead might have opted-out of SMS/email contact in their very first Digital Guest Waiver, if a returning DGW is received with its Opt-In boxes still checked, then Club OS will re-qualify that Lead for SMS/email contact.

B. How to Request This Feature

If interested, feel free to contact Club OS at 


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