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How to Add General Notes Through the Fitness Profile


Method 5

General Notes is designed as a place to expand upon a member’s health history within their Fitness Profile. It does NOT link notes with Lead Notes. For more info on Lead Notes, click here.


First, select ‘User Search’ in the Club OS taskbar.                             

> User Search


Enter the member’s name in the search bar, located on the left side of the page. Then, select the spyglass icon or hit ‘return’ on your keyboard.


Once you have located the correct profile from the search result, select the member’s name.


Tip: Use the filter options, located below the search bar, to narrow search results.

> Search Bar > Select Profile


Hover over the ‘Fitness’ tab located in the Club OS sidebar. This activates the side menu. From it, select 'Fitness Profile'.                           

> Fitness > Fitness Profile


The ‘Fitness Profile’ opens with ‘Health Bio’ pre-selected.                              

The ‘General Notes’ section is located at the bottom of the ‘Health Bio’ page. Input notes directly into the text box. Select the ‘Save Health Bio’ button to retain updated notes.


Note: General Notes stores saved notes inside the text box until they are manually deleted. The text box functions like an ongoing journal page (as seen below).


> General Notes > Save Health Bio


Intro - How Do I Add Notes to Member Profiles >

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