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Why Wasn't My Trainer Paid for an Event?


A Trainer’s pay relies heavily on the commissions they have acquired from leading events. It is important, then, that Club Admins be able to recognize the reasons why an event is withholding commission and how to repair that error.

There are four key causes as to why an event might be withholding commission:

A. The Event Was Not Set to a Completed Status

A Trainer cannot be paid for an event until it has been set to a completed status Before its status is switched, though, be sure to verify the event’s outcome with its Trainer. If, in fact, the event was completed, then setting its status to ‘Complete’ will pay out the Trainer.


If, instead, the Member canceled or failed to attend the event, setting its status to ‘Cancel - Charge’ or ‘No Show - Charge’ will still pay the Trainer and consume the unit from that Member’s PT agreement.


Best Practice: Set each event’s new status immediately after the event occurs. At the very least, set the status within the same day of the event.

B. The Event Was Not Funded

In addition to requiring a completed status, an event must also be funded before its Trainer can be paid. Whether or not an event is funded can be verified in one of three places:

    i)  A Member Service Agreement’s Pop-Up Screen


        Note: For more on the Member Service Agreement, click here.

   ii)  The Calendar Event


        Note: Unfunded events will display a red dollar sign icon in the top-right corner.

  iii)  The Commission Report


        Note: Unfunded events will appear blank within the Funded Date column. For more on
        the Commission Report, click here.

If, in fact, the event is not funded, the Trainer’s commission will default to one of two pay-related outcomes:

   Outcome #1: The event will later become funded through the Member’s payment of an   
   upcoming invoice. Here, the Trainer will receive commission -albeit not until the pay period
   in which the later invoice is paid.

   Outcome #2: The event’s invoice will fall into a delinquent state. The event is unlikely to
   ever fund which makes it equally unlikely that the Trainer will ever receive their

C. The Member is Over-Training

This issue arises when a Member consistently attends more events than their contract promises to pay. A paid invoice does not grant a Member unlimited access to gym events. Instead, each invoice frees a fixed number of sessions for the Member to book. If the Member’s current agreement does not satisfy the frequency with which the Member would prefer to attend club events, sell them a more expansive agreement. Doing so will deliver Trainers their commissions in a more timely manner.

D. The Event Has No Member Service Attached

Although an event’s creation typically demands that an available member service be selected, an event will still generate for Members who possess no services at all. If an event contains no service, it is not funded and can not bestow commission. Whether or not an event contains a member service can be verified in one of two places:

   i)  The Edit Event Screen



  ii)  The Commission Report


Note: Service-less events will appear blank within the Member Service Name column. For more on the Commission Report, click here.

As a precaution, instruct staff not to book events for Members who do not currently possess an active agreement.


For more tips as to how Trainers and Club Owners/Admins can best manage their Commission Report, click here.


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