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How to Add Lead Notes While Adding a New Lead


Method 4

This method is only accessible when creating a new lead, typically from a telephone inquiry (TI), web lead, walk-in, or referral. It is especially well suited for logging additional information about a prospect in order to customize their membership pitch. For more info on creating new leads, click here.


First, hover over the ‘Add New’ button located at the top of the page. The drop-down menu will activate.


From the drop-down menu, select ‘Lead’.


> Add > New Lead


The ‘Notes’ section is located near the bottom of the page. Specifically, below the ‘Guest Pass / Missed Guest’ section. Here, log any helpful information about a prospect’s  interest in the club that was not previously covered such as fitness goals, family status, employment specifics, lifestyle, ETC.   


Select the ‘Create New Lead’ button when the Add a New Lead form is complete. Information logged into ‘Notes’ will immediately be stored on the prospect’s profile under ‘Lead Notes’ section. 


> Input Notes > Create New Lead


Method 5 - How to Add General Notes Through the Fitness Profile >

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