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How to Add Lead Notes Through the Follow-Up Window


Method 2 

This method is especially well suited for personalizing follow-ups to each individual prospect or member. Additional notes can also be added on the Follow-Up Window. These notes will store directly to the Lead Notes section on the member profile.  

Note:This article discusses the Lead Notes section found on member profiles, but does not outline the steps to locate it. For help locating Lead Notes, click here.


The Follow-up Window, located on the right side of the dashboard, displays all pending prospect and member follow-ups. Select the ‘Follow-Up’ button of the desired profile.


> Follow-Up


All notes saved to the profile’s Lead Notes are displayed on the right side of the Follow-Up Window. Team members can quickly assess a prospect or member’s information before performing the follow-up.


All three methods of follow-ups (call, email, text) include a ‘Notes’ text box where additional notes can be logged.


Once the follow-up is completed, any new notes will immediately be stored in the 'Lead Notes' section on the member profile (as shown below).



> Input Notes > Complete Follow-Up


Method 3 - How to Add Lead Notes Through the Direct Contact Window >

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