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HubSpot Integration


Once a club location’s HubSpot is integrated with Club OS, any new leads created within the HubSpot portal will instantly appear in Club OS, as well. Currently, Club OS is most suited for integrating HubSpot accounts used by single-location clubs. However, with a concentrated, customized effort, Club OS can also integrate accounts serving multiple locations. 

Note: Depending on your Club OS package, charges may apply.

HubSpot’s leads are tagged with a 'web' origin and a marketing source that displays both the HubSpot Lead Form's title and page's title.

Leads will be assigned to the default employee in charge of member sales follow-up.

Caveats about the HubSpot integration:

  • HubSpot submissions are not de-duped. Duplicate submissions will create duplicate accounts in Club OS.
  • HubSpot submissions are not set up to trigger sending web lead response system emails or New Prospect Response automatic campaigns.

Due to its many intricacies, clubs are not currently allowed to attempt HubSpot integration on their own. As it stands, HubSpot integration requires the combined efforts of the club, Club OS’s support staff, and Club OS’s engineering team.

To set-up HubSpot integration, please contact Club OS via email at or by calling (888) 619-0609.


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