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How Do I Comp an Invoice Through Club OS?


By comping an invoice, club staff is granting that invoice’s sessions to a Member for free by waiving payment. A comped invoice will release the units associated with the invoice and make them available to fund past or future sessions.

Note: Comps are not the same thing as Write-Offs. Whereas Write-Offs void past (unpaid) invoices and do not release sessions.

Comping an Invoice


To comp an invoice, first enter that Member’s profile. Next, click ‘Club Settings’, followed by ‘Club Services’.

Member’s Profile > Club Settings > Club Services


Partway down the page is the Member Service Agreements section. This lists a Member’s past and present service contracts.


Locate and click the Edit icon of the service set to be comped.

> Edit Icon


This opens the Member Service Agreement page. Halfway down the page is the Invoice Information section.


Select the invoice set to be comped and click ‘Pay Now’.

> 'Pay Now'


This opens the Pay Invoice page. To comp the invoice, begin by clicking ‘Entire Invoice’.



Note: An additional box will appear, asking if commission is to be granted despite giving the sessions away for free. This is to be chosen at the club’s discretion.



By clicking 'Entire Invoice', the Payment Amount will drop to $0.00.



   Note: If you want sales commission to be paid on this invoice, you will want to select the option "Pay Sales Commission" before finalizing the change.

> ‘Entire Invoice’


Upon completion, click ‘Comp'.


> 'Pay Now'

 Partial Comp (for Discounts, Coupons, Special Offers etc.)

It is also possible to comp a portion of an invoice to offer a discount. To do this, you would first have the client pay their portion of the invoice, then you can comp the remainder. For example, if you're wanting to give $50 of the first bill of $200, the client would make a partial payment of $150. Once the partial payment is made, you'll have a reaming balance on the invoice that you can then comp. 

You can also create a package with the intention of comping a portion of the first invoice. To accomplish this, you would want to set up a package to not take a down payment (0 base payment and start date in the future).


Step 1: Have member pay their portion of the invoice Screen_Shot_2019-05-06_at_1.35.28_PM.png



Step 2: Comp Remainder of Invoice




Extra Information:

  • Comped invoices appear with the COMP payment profile on the PT Transaction Report.
  • Comped invoices do not appear on the Accrual Revenue Report.
  • Comped invoices will release sessions and make them available to fund events.
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