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How Do I Refund an Invoice Through Club OS?


Refunding invoices via Club OS is an easy, four-step process. Note, though, that it cannot occur for any invoices older than six months. It will also not apply toward membership payments. Only PT. After an invoice is refunded, the money will return to the Member after approximately three business days. 

NOTE: When processing the full refund of an invoice with both used and unused sessions, please understand that while the entire dollar amount will be refunded, the used sessions will still remain part of the total session count on the member's account.

Performing a Refund


To administer the refund, first enter that Member’s profile. Next, click ‘Club Settings’, followed by ‘Club Services’.

Member’s Profile > Club Settings > Club Services


Locate the agreement in question and click its accompanying '+'.

> Agreement


As a result, the package's Session Count Screen and Invoice List will appear. Toward the top are the past invoices still capable of refunding.



Locate and click the ‘Refund’ link for the date(s) desired.

> Refund Link


This opens the Refund Invoice page.



Listed, automatically, in the ‘Refund’ column, is the maximum amount of refundable sessions possible for that package agreement. Click the arrows to set the desired amount.            

Note: Raising/lowering the session amount will also alter the Refund Amount.

Example: At a Base Price of $10 per session, to refund this Member’s maximum two sessions is to refund them $20.



However, by lowering the session amount to one session, the Refund Amount drops by $10 to a refund total of $10.



> Set Session Amount


Upon setting the desired session mount, click ‘Submit Refund’.




> Submit Refund

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