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The Commission Report: Best Practices


Within this article are Club OS’ tips on how Trainers and Owners/Admins can best manage their club’s Commission Report.


1. At the end of each day, pull up the Commission Report to perform the following:

  • Confirm that each session contains the appropriate member services.
  • Check that each event is accompanied by its correct event status.
  • Recognize which events are not funded.

    This is important as, after an event has passed, incorrect details can not be edited  
    without the approval of a supervisor.

2. Audit payroll on the last day of each pay period.

    Note: If an event is altered after a pay period has ended, it will not
affect the previous period’s commission report. Alteration can only affect the
    pay period in which it actually occurs.

3. For an assured commission, do not sign Members up to train unless they possess  
    available paid sessions or are due to be billed before the end of the present payroll   
    period. (Note: This is at each Trainer’s discretion.)

4. Investigate to see when each unfunded event will be paid. If the attendee is set to  
    be billed prior to the current pay period’s end, additional sessions will release  -
    funding all or some of the previously unpaid events. If, instead, their next bill date is
    not until the next pay period, commission will have to wait to be paid. (That is,
    unless the attendee’s pay can somehow be collected earlier.)

    Note: If a Member is habitually scheduling more sessions that they have purchased,   
    consider pitching an upgraded agreement to that Member.


1. Until a trainer has mastered Club OS, it might be wise to extend commission to  
    include sessions that were not incorporated correctly. To track these due
    commissions, the Owner/Manager will need to scour each Commission Report for paid
    events that were labeled non-commissionable. Any paid commission that does not
    also appear on the Commission Report ought to be recorded. This will prevent the
    possibility of accidentally paying a Trainer for the same work twice.

2. Build up to being able to rely completely on the Commission Report. Eliminate the need to  
    make manual changes by holding employees accountable toward their end.

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