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New Release: 4/8/16


Club OS New Release


  • User Search: It is now possible to filter users by their Follow-Up Number (or, ‘Contact #’).
  • Opt-Out: Members may now opt out of any one-on-one email interaction with a club.


  • KPI and Follow-Up: Trainers are now visible within the drop down menus to both Unrestricted Admins and Location Managers in addition to Restricted Admins.
  • Club OS' follow-up logic has been updated to address the various avenues through which a prospect might transition out of Active Guest status:

    • Any Active Guest who books an appointment for a future date (post-guest pass) will remain as Active Guest until that pass expires, upon which they will ascend to Appt Booked status.
    • If an Active Guest's pass expires before any future appointment is booked, 
      that Active Guest then becomes an Expired Guest (until an appointment is 
      booked, upon which they would update to Appt Booked).
    • If, after their booked appointment, that Active Guest's guest pass becomes 
      renewed, then they will remain in Active Guest status.
    • If, after their booked appointment, that Active Guest denies a guest pass for a qualified reason (ex. spouse, environment), they transcend to Missed Guest status.
    • If, after their booked appointment, that Active Guest denies a guest pass but provides no reason, that prospect will revert back to their lead origin status (ex. Walk-In, T.I.) for renewed follow-up scheduling.
  • KPI: 'Appt Book %' has been updated to now exclude Walk-Ins or multiple appointments for a single prospect.
  • Health Bio Form: Injuries now include both left and right hip.

ABC Integration


  • Club OS is now able to sync all commissioned employees in addition to adding new department types.



  • PT Orientations Completed Report: A 'Membership Sold Date' column has been added to help indicate which date a client purchased their club membership.
  • Membership Sold Report: An 'ORT Booked' column has been added to display whether or not an orientation was booked after signing up for membership.


  • Daily Setup Report: Custom date range issue resolved.
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