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'Web Lead Response System Email' Versus 'New Prospect Response Automatic Campaign'


Topic: “Understanding the difference between Web Lead Response System Email and New Prospect Response Automatic Campaign.”

When it comes to the topic of automatically responding to web leads, Club OS offers clients two options: Web Lead Response and New Prospect Response. For the sake of implementation, it is important that everyone comprehend how the two choices differ.

Web Lead Response System Email

Web Lead Response is the most basic of the two options, catering both to clubs that utilize Club OS’ web lead forms, and clubs that use forms designed by outside engineers. (Clubs that qualify for the later will need to have already acquired API access -a process demonstrated here.)

When a prospect inquires about a club through that club’s website, the Web Lead Response will automatically issue a default response to that prospect via email. With the exception of a few dynamic tags, this response will read identically to all recipients regardless of the data they might have plugged into the form.

To access the Web Lead Response, click ‘Marketing’, then ‘System Emails’. Once inside, one will see that the ‘Web Lead Response Email’ is the second option listed.

To set up this email, click ‘Edit Web Lead Response Email’. A window will open for staff to tailor with text.


New Prospect Response Automatic Campaign

New Prospect Response is an option defined by variety.  If a club is using the New Prospect Response, they are therefore using a web lead form designed by engineers outside of Club OS. Again, for this, they will need to have also already acquired API access (a process demonstrated here).

As with the Web Lead Response, the New Prospect Response begins when a prospect completes and submits a club’s web lead form. Where the New Prospect Response differs, however, is in its attention toward which source the prospect is accepting. Here, Club A is offering its online prospects a Free Day Pass:


Within Club OS, this source is directly correlated with a filter requested by Club A. This can be seen by accessing Club A’s Club OS profile, clicking ‘Club Email’, then ‘Automatic Campaign’, and, lastly, ‘Add Automatic Campaign’. (See ‘2: Recipients’ to find the filters beneath the ‘Market Sources’ banner.)

Notice that this campaign is currently configured to send only to prospects who are created via the ‘FreeDayPass’ marketing source. Notice, too, the other marketing sources such as ‘21 Days for $21’ and ‘Day Pass’. Each source represents an opportunity for club staff to design a unique response based on whichever agreement a prospect is offered and accepts. (Note: This logic can also be applied in the instance of a prospect plugging in data through a DGW.) If any need for a new market source(s) should arise, Club OS will be happy to fulfill such requests.

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