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Package Setup: Member Service Commission

  1. Intro to Package Setup
  2. Step 1: Member Services
  3. Step 2: Packages
  4. Step 3: Terms
  5. Step 4: Taxes
  6. Step 5: Member Service Commission
  7. Step 6: Sales Commission
  8. Step 7: Pay Period Admin

Topic: To explain and explore the Member Service Commission portion of Club OS’ Package Setup.

Member Service Commission is an avenue in which a club may reward trainer(s) a commission that is more or less than what is the defaulted amount (as established in Member Services). 

Begin by clicking the Member Service Commission tab of Package Setup.                              


Next, select which employee(s) is to receive the commission.



(Note: If so desired, a club can also apply a commission toward its entire staff. This is achieved by clicking ‘All Employees’.)

Having picked out the employee(s), now select which service is being commissioned. (Note: Not every service listed is necessarily a service that the trainer is registered to run. Pay particular attention to which service you are seeking to upgrade.) Next, click the ‘Edit’ icon.


This will take you to the ‘Set Commission’ page, as seen below.


  1. Effective Date: The date in which the new commission will first take effect.

  2. Per Event & Per Attendee
    This opens staff to four options:

         2a) Payment Per Event:  Here, the new commission is paid at a flat rate -    
by the amount of Members who may either show up for or skip a


         2b) Payment Per Attendee: In this, the commission is paid per arrived


                Note: As this option is defined by less dependability, an Admin must now  
                also opt
between one of two sub-theories in terms of awarding payment: via  
                flat rate or
percentage. In both cases, fields appear for you to populate.

                                              Example #1: Flat Rate


                                              Example #2: Percentage


         2c)  Payment Per Event AND Attendee: Here, a Club Admin can arrange for
                the new
commission to be attributed for both A) managing the event; and  
                B) every
attendee a trainer was responsible for leading. This is  
                accomplished by filling out
both sections.


Upon completion, click ‘Save’. This commission will now display on the trainer(s) page.

Step 6: Sales Commission >

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