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How Can I Compare My Current KPIs with Historical KPIs?


1. KPIs: An Overview
2. KPI Definitions
3. How Can I Expand My KPI Table?
4. How Do I Filter My KPIs?
5. How Can I Compare My Current KPIs With Historical KPIs?


Through KPIs, a club’s staff is instantly able to track how successfully they are attaining their Club Admin’s specified goals. For Sales Persons, KPIs supply performance feedback. For Location Managers and Club Admins, they provide clear facts for diagnosing the status of a location or individual employee.

One facet of the KPI page is its ability to recall KPI for any past, solitary date. This is useful for instances in which a Location Manager might decide to compare their club’s current performance to KPI stats from, say, exactly one year ago.

Note: To access historical KPI, one must begin at the ‘Full View’ KPI page.


Located in the ‘Compare’ column, beside the present date, is a calendar icon. Click it.


‘Full View’ KPI Page > Calendar Icon


A pop-up calendar will appear. Select the specific date for comparison.


> Select a Date


As a result, the KPIs Compare column will re-set, providing the KPIs for that past date.


Note: The KPIs Month to Date (MTD) will remain affected by this process. MTD provides only present-day stats.

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