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KPIs: An Overview


1. KPIs: An Overview
2. KPI Defnitions
3. How Can I Expand My KPI Table?
4. How Do I Filter My KPIs?
5. How Can I Compare My Current KPIs With Historical KPIs?

KPIs, or ‘Key Performance Indicators’, are real-time stats that signify how successfully a club’s staff is accomplishing their Club Admin’s designated goals. These stats are located in the top-left corner of the Club OS’ dashboard, in a section referred to as The KPI Window.



KPIs are adaptable to fit every individual's unique club needs. For Salespeople, the KPI window can provide instant performance feedback -incentivizing them to reach what is their peak, expected potential. Similarly, KPIs aid Location Managers in devising work strategies per each employee’s output. No longer are Managers and Admins reliant on error-prone self-representation from staff. Now, simply, the real-time statistics speak for themselves. (Note: Salespeople are only able to see their own stats.) 

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