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How Does the Help Button Work?


The Help button provides access to the Club OS knowledge base, numerous system walk throughs and a direct contact to our support team. It appears on the upper right-hand corner of every page in Club OS.


Don't see the help button? You may have pop up blockers enabled that prevent it from appearing.  Try disabling your popup blocker and reload the page.


Access and Search the Knowledge Base

When you click the Help button, a window will pop up with a list of the different areas of our application. You can use the search box at the top of the window to search the entire knowledge base as well as existing Club OS walkthroughs. Just enter your search term in the field at the top, and relevant results will automatically be shown.


The icon next to the result will tell you what the item is:

Club OS Walkthrough - Clicking on a walkthrough will trigger the selected walk through to begin and you will see guides in Club OS telling you how to complete the specified action.

Help Center Glossary - Clicking on a glossary item will immediately open a page in the help center in a new tab with a list of relevant help articles. 

Help Article - Clicking on a help article will immediately open that article in another tab. 



Contact the Support Team

If you can't find the answer in our knowledge base, or want to report a specific issue, you can use the Help button to contact us directly. Click 'Open a Ticket' and you will be redirected to a form to open a ticket. On the form, complete the requested fields, providing as much detail as you can. You can also include attachments, like screenshots. The support team will respond as soon as possible.


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