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Permissions in Club OS


What Are Permissions?

Permissions control the access to tasks and tools in Club OS for different User RolesPermissions are set to allow, deny, or defer access on four levels: Club-wide, Location, User Role, and individual. Club-wide, Location, and Role-based Permissions are set by Club OS staff in accordance with the club’s specifications, and can only be changed by contacting our support team. Some users have the ability to edit permissions for individuals at their club or location. 

Basic Permission Logic

  1. Allow: Allowing a permission grants access to that task for that level.
  2. Deny: Denying a permission withholds that task from both current and subsequent levels.
  3. Defer: Deferring a permission avoids the decision of whether or not to allow or deny that task for that level. This option is only available to lower levels if its previous levels allowed or deferred that permission, as well. By deferring, a level inherits an allowed permission from a previous level.

Editing Permissions for Individual Users

You can edit an individual’s permissions through their Account Settings. Navigate to the user's account and select the User Settings gear icon on the upper right.

user settings icon

Once there, click the ‘Permissions’ tab located in the Account Settings tabs at the top of the page.

account settings - permissions tab

From here, the Permissions tab will display a list of that user's available permissions. (Tasks that are denied to this user at the Club, Location, or Role level will not appear on the list.)

list of permissions

From this menu, you can Allow, Deny, or Defer any task on the list.

Deferring, at the individual level, will refer to the User Role level permissions.

  • If the Role allowed a permission, then that task is now also allowed at the individual level.
  • If the Role deferred a permission, then that task is denied at the individual level since it has not been explicitly set to "Allow". To reverse this, switch the outcome to ‘Allow’ at the individual level.

After you've made the desired  changes, click ‘Save Permissions’.

save permissions

Please contact our support team to request changes to club, location, or role-based permissions.

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