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Event Reminders for Attendees and Event Owners


Optional Event Reminders can be attached to each event you create in the calendar, for both the Event Owner and any Attendees. You can set one reminder per event for each group by checking "Remind Event Owner" and/or "Remind Attendees" and selecting one of the following options: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 5 hours, 1 day, or 2 days prior to the event's start time. You can use different options for the Event Owner and the Attendees.

Event Creation Window

You can edit individual event reminders or default settings at any point before the event begins.

Event Reminder Default Settings

For Attendees:

"Club Default" reminder settings are created in Club OS System Admin at the time of implementation. For each event type that your club uses, there is an option for standard event duration (30, 45, or 60 minutes prior to an event) and whether or not Attendee Reminders will be automatically created ("Do not Remind", or remind 15 or 30 minutes before, 1, 2 or 5 hours before, or 1 or 2 days before). Club OS will use these default settings when you create calendar events. (If you need to modify these settings, you will need to contact our support team.

No matter what your Club Defaults are, you can modify individual events (including event reminders) as needed. You can also create different default Attendee Reminder settings to be associated with specific employees -- these will override the Club Defaults.

For Employees/Event Owners:

You can create default Event Owner reminder settings for individual employees. This will ensure that your employees will always get a reminder as the Event Owner, whether or not it is added to an individual event. 

To do this, enter the employee's account and go to their Account Settings page by clicking the gear icon on the upper right. On the General tab, scroll down to Employee Settings. 

Def Owner Reminder: Choose a default Event Owner reminder setting for this employee. This will be automatically applied as the Event Owner reminder for all this employee's events. (It can still be edited for individual events if needed.)

Leave the Def Owner Reminder setting at "none" if you do not want to apply a default for this employee.

default Event Owner settings

Def Attendee Reminder: This default setting will apply to all attendees at events where this employee is the Event Owner. (Just like the Event Owner Reminder, this can be adjusted for individual events as needed.)

Leave the Default Attendee Reminder setting at "none" if you do not want to customize reminder timing for this employee's attendees.

Leave the setting at "Club Defaults" if you want to use the default attendee reminder settings that were created at the club level.

After making desired changes to Def Owner Reminder and/or Def Attendee Reminder, click "Save Employee Settings".

Text and Email Event Reminders

Reminders are sent via text message by default. If the user has no phone number on file or has opted out of texting, they will receive an email instead.

You can override this for individual members in their account settings. This is helpful if a member has not opted out of texting, but prefers to get event reminders via email. You can also opt them out if they don't want to receive event reminders at all. 

To do this, enter the member's account and go to their Account Settings page by clicking the gear icon on the upper right. On the General tab, scroll down to Communication Settings. Select the desired option for event reminders (Via sms, Via email, or Do Not Send), and click "Save Communication Settings".

  Individual member's communication settings


  • Reminders will only be sent if they are scheduled to go out between an event's creation and its scheduled start time. For example, if you schedule an event that is set to begin in 59 minutes, you cannot set a reminder to go out 1 hour before the event, since that time has already passed. 
  • If an employee or member complains that they're not receiving event reminders, make sure their account has a working mobile number and/or email on file and that their Communication Settings for "Send Event Reminders" are not set to "Do Not Send".


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