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Event Reminder Basics


What Is An Event Reminder?

Often, while creating an event, that Event Owner will schedule a reminder to alert Attendees when the event date has arrived. Event Owners, too, have their own optional reminder. For both, the offered times are identical: alerting a party either 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 5 hours, 1 day, or 2 days prior to the event starting.

For either party to receive this reminder, however, a few facts should be known.

Event Reminder Logic

First of all, for an alert to send, it must be timed to occur between an event’s creation and its scheduled start time. For Example: If an Event Owner creates an event that is set to begin in 59 minutes, Club OS will only issue a reminder so long as it is set to send 15 or 30 minutes before the event. If set at 1 hour (or later), no reminder will send as its deadline has already passed.

Note: Event Reminders remain adjustable so long as the event is yet to occur and is scheduled to take place within 24 hours after the event was first created.

Event Reminder Defaults

Club OS has designed defaults to govern when and how neglected event reminders should send.

A. Timed Defaults

As illustrated previously, each new event allows for a unique reminder to be set. However, default reminders can be set for both Owners and Attendees in case an alert ever neglects to get set.

To set or adjust these defaults, access the Employee Account Settings. Located within the General tab, halfway down the page, is the Employee Settings section.


Among the many settings are dropdown menus for default Owner and Attendee reminders. Their filters match those in the Edit Event window almost exactly. The exception is the inclusion of two new timed settings: ‘None’ and ‘Use Club Settings’.

  1. None’: Declines any default time be set. (This is an Owner and Attendees filter.)

  2. Use Club Settings’: Defers to a club’s corporate-set defaults. (This is an Attendees-only filter.)

Upon establishing/adjusting a default, do not forget to click ‘Save Employee Settings’.

B. Communication Defaults

It is also good to understand which medium an Attendee can expect to receive their reminder through. Each Attendee and Event Owner is issued one event reminder. This can be through SMS/text or email but not both.

Currently, SMS/text is the default medium. This, of course, presumes that the Member has provided a valid mobile number and does not possess a ‘Do Not Send’ status.


In the event that the club does not currently utilize SMS/text functionality, the reminder will then be issued by email. (Again, this is presuming that the Attendee’s email is valid.)


Note: Upon an Attendee’s request, the Event Owner can override functional SMS to send a reminder by email. This is accomplished by, first, accessing that Attendee’s Account Settings. Next, click the General tab and scroll down in search of the Communication Settings section. Once there, click on the dropdown box labeled ‘Send Event Reminders’.


Choose ‘Via email’. Do not forget to click ‘Save Communication Settings’.


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