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How Do I Integrate Facebook Lead Ads to Club OS?


Through Facebook and Club OS integration, a club becomes capable of promoting itself via Facebook feeds and instantly syncing interested Prospects into its Club OS account. Facebook Lead Ad integration is a four-step process:

Step I: Create the Facebook Lead Ad Form
Step II: Integrate Facebook with Club OS
Step III: Choose the Notification Option
Step IV: Putting It All Together

Note: Depending on your Club OS package, charges may apply.

Step I: Create the Facebook Lead Ad Form

A Lead Ad Form is the customized Lead Ad template built by the club. Once it is completed, a Lead Ad will generate -allowing Prospects to begin submitting their contact info to Club OS. Through Facebook’s ability to customize a Lead Ad’s audience, Lead Ads can be engineered to appear within the feeds of users that are most likely to desire, in this case, a club’s services. 


Note: Successful integration requires that each club location operate their own Facebook page.



Access your Facebook account. Along the left side of the page is a list of pages located within Facebook. Look to the ‘Pages’ section and locate the Business Page for which Club OS Lead Ads are to be created. Click it.


Facebook > Business Page


Next, click ‘Publishing Tools’ -located at the top of the page.


> ‘Publishing Tools’


Once again, on the left, is a list of pages located within Facebook. Locate and click the link labeled ‘Lead Ads Forms’.


> Lead Ad Forms


Click the ‘+ Create’ button located in the top-right corner of the Forms Library.


> ‘+ Create’


The Ads Lead Builder pop-up window will appear. Within it is the option to either create an entirely new form or duplicate a pre-existing one. If no prior Lead Ad forms exist, click ‘New Form’, then ‘Next’.


> New Form > ‘Next’


Begin building the Lead Ad form. Facebook’s builder will guides its users through this process by offering basic options and prompts.


> Build the Form


Upon completing the construction of the Lead Ad form, click ‘Create Form’.


> ‘Create Form’


A sample of the finalized Lead Ad form will now appear.


Afterwards, to see this Lead Ad again, click its corresponding ‘Preview’ link on the Forms Library page.


> Sample Lead Ad

Step II: Integrate Facebook with Club OS

With the club’s Facebook Lead Ad now created, a Club Admin must integrate their Club OS and Facebook accounts in order to begin syncing Prospects’ submissions.



Begin in the Club Admin’s Club OS page. Click ‘Club Setup’, then ‘Location Settings’.


> Club OS > Club Setup > Location Settings


Click ‘Facebook Lead Ads’. 


> Facebook Lead Ads


Click the dropdown box and select the corresponding club location.


Note: If your Facebook Lead Ads Integration page does not display a dropdown box, click here to troubleshoot.

> Set Club Specifics


Upon completion, click ‘Login to Facebook’. As a result, one of two pop-ups will appear:

    A) If Logged Out of Facebook: The pop-up will request for (and offer the opportunity to) log back into your account.


    B) If Still Logged Into Facebook: The pop-up will request that you confirm your Facebook account.                           


Either case will result in a second pop-up appearing, asking permission for the Club OS app to access the club location’s Facebook page. Click ‘Agree’. Now, the set-up is complete.The Facebook Lead Ads Integration page will update its status and record the date and Amin for which integration was established.


Note: By clicking ‘Not Now’ instead of ‘Agree’, the effort to integrate will fail.

> ‘Link Facebook Page’ > Permission to Access Facebook


Upon granting Facebook access, Club OS’ Facebook Lead Ads Integration page will again appear. Notice: Now the ‘Login to Facebook’ button reads ‘Link Facebook Page’. 

Additionally, above the button is a new dropdown box listing every Facebook page moderated under that user’s Facebook account. Click the box, then click the club/location’s Facebook page. 


> Club’s Facebook Page


Upon completion, click the ‘Link Facebook Page’ button.


> ‘Link Facebook Page’

Note: Altering the password to the club's Facebook account will undo the club's Facebook/Club OS integration and stop Facebook leads from syncing. If this break occurs, Club OS will issue an email to the club's designated Facebook Admin, advising them to re-establish integration with Club OS.


Step III: Choose Between Auto-Response Options

Once a club’s Facebook and Club OS accounts have been integrated, the Club Admin can choose which (if any) Lead Ad Auto-Response email will greet the Prospect at the instant their account is created. There are two options: the ‘Web Lead Response System Email’ or the ‘New Prospect Response Automatic Campaign’. For more info on Lead Ad Auto-Response emails, click here.

Note: Neither will send unless they have been previously set-up within Marketing.


If the Club Admin chooses to leave both types unchecked, a Lead will still remain qualified for other, future automatic campaigns. (Example: Birthday Greeting)

Step IV: Putting It All Together

Once a location’s Facebook and Club OS accounts have integrated, all Lead Ad submissions will sync in real time to Club OS. A submitted Lead Ad will create a Club OS Prospect account. Its marketing source will cite the title of the Facebook Lead Ad form. 


The Prospect’s Club OS account will contain the name and email/phone number attached to their Facebook account. (All other data will sync to the Prospect’s account as notes.)

Leads will be assigned to the default employee in charge of member follow-up. That employee will be alerted to the new account’s existence via a Web Lead Notification Email. To discover how a club can filter their Facebook Leads via User Search, click here.

Note: Changing the Facebook’s password will result in the need to re-integrate their Facebook and Club OS account.

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