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How to Access the Commission Report


The Commission Report can be accessed from both the Reports and Package Setup areas of Club OS.


To specify a date range for the Commission Report, navigate to it using the Reports link on the sidebar.

List of reports

Locate the Commission report on your list. Click 'Commission Report' and specify the date range, club location, and (if desired) employee on the pop-up window that appears. After making your selections, click "Email Now". 

When selecting reporting dates, keep in mind that sales commission rates are based on your Pay Period setup, and you may get inconsistent results on reports run for a custom date range that does not correspond with a pay period.

Package Setup

Commission Reports are also automatically generated each pay period in the Package Setup area of Club OS. Click 'Package Setup' on the sidebar and navigate to the 'Pay Period Admin' tab.

Pay period admin tab

You will see a list of Commission Reports. Click on the desired date range and the report will be sent to the email address on file for your account.

List of reports

If changes to payroll setup are made retroactively, existing commission reports will be removed from the list since they would no longer be accurate. (This situation is not common.)


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