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Lead/Member Transfers


While not a difficult process, transferring leads between staff accounts can cause serious complications if executed incorrectly. This article exists to illustrate each step with clarity and context in an effort to provide all staff a simple, successful transfer. 


Begin at the User Search’s filters. Depending on which type of transfer is desired, check either the ‘Prospect’ box, the ‘Member’ box, or both.


Note: Be sure to set the Prospect’s sub-filter to ‘All’ instead of ‘Active’. This will capture not only an employee’s Active leads but their Inactive leads, as well. This action will help to avoid any instance in which a non-transferred Inactive lead might revisit a club, re-complete the DGW, and then see their revived, original Active account confuse club staff.

User Search > Member/Prospect Filter




If you have access to multiple locations you will see a 'Location' drop-down. You can use this to select that employee’s or member's specific club location.




Depending on whether the Leads/Members are to be pulled from a Membership or PT Follow-Up account, visit either’s section below to select the employee from their ‘Assigned Follow-Up Employee’ drop-down menu.


> Membership/PT Follow-Up Filter


Occasionally, an employee will forget to distribute their Leads/Members amongst co-workers before leaving one club location for another. If tending to such an incident, use the Assignee Location field to specify the original club location to which these leads are being transferred back to. (Otherwise, proceed to the next step.)


> (Assignee Location)


Located at the bottom of the page, below the column of filters, is the ‘Include Deleted’ box. Click it.


Note: Just as a Prospect’s ‘All’ filter assures that Inactive leads can be transferred, ‘Include Deleted’ similarly incorporates any deleted accounts that have a chance of reactivating.

> ‘Include Deleted’


Return to the top of the page, then look above the list of filtered users to find the ‘Search Actions’ box. Click it.


Options will appear. Scroll down and select ‘Transfer Users’.


> ‘Search Actions’ > ‘Transfer Users’


Enter the name of the employee for which the Leads/Members are meant to transfer. 


Note: It is possible to transfer Leads/Members to multiple employees simultaneously. In this event, Club OS’ system will distribute the total accounts evenly between all recipients.

If the request is to transfer only a fraction of an employee’s Leads/Members, enter that set amount into the Transfer Count field to the right. 


Lastly, check the corresponding box for which leads you are transferring: Membership or PT


When finished, click ‘Transfer’. An email will arrive shortly in your account confirming that the transfer was completed successfully.


> ‘Transfer’



Please keep in mind that Transfers cannot be reversed. Before performing a transfer, be sure you have set the User Search filters to the exact parameters desired. If you have any questions or concerns about a transfer, please reach out to the Technical Support Team at (888) 619-0609 or 

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  • Avatar
    Res Furth

    I am not sure I understand what this update is about. Are you talking about when a person moves to another club? Please have one of the team contact me to explain this one.

    P.S. none of the pictures are showing which helps tremendously (I am on Chrome)

  • Avatar
    Christopher Choi

    Hello Res,
    Thank you for reaching out to us and I apologize that you are having difficulties viewing the images. I would recommend that you clear your cookies and cache and here is the link on how to do so;

    As for this update, this is for when you want to transfer follow-ups from one staff to the other. Starting this Friday 7/22/16, Club OS will no longer be performing any transfers, so this article is to assist staffs with step by step instructions to have a successful transfer.
    I hope this cleared up the confusion and thank you for taking the time to read this article!