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New Release Notes: Up through 7/14/17 - Anytime Fitness


New Release: 7/14/17

  • Clubs can now elect to include Age Verification amongst their packages’ Terms. This is an optional terms type that can be used to insert any age-related verbiage that necessitates a full signature of either the purchasing member or that of a parent/guardian.  For more on Age Verification, click here.

  • Because a member service is a core, vital piece of every package, each package must now contain a member service in order to be activated. For more info on member services, click here.

New Release: 7/3/17

The Payroll Report has been renamed the “Commission Report” to better reflect that the report is designed to assist in payroll calculation and should be reviewed and validated by management before paying out trainers. Additionally, the Payroll tab in Club OS has been renamed the Pay Period Admin tab. For more info on the Commission Report, click here.


New Release: 5/5/17

Flexible Billing:

  • Down Payment: A Member’s initial down payment total will now appear within the new package’s Package Summary section. For more info on Selling PT Packages, click here.

  • Scheduled Payments Table:

    • This table now contains an additional ‘Remaining’ column.

    • The ‘Scheduled Payment Date’ column will now be called ‘Scheduled Date’.

    • The ‘Credit’ column will now be called ‘Credit Applied’.

    • For more info on the Scheduled Payments Table click here.

  • Past Due: A Member’s ‘Past Due Amount’ will now display within an agreement’s Package Configuration section. (If a Member possesses no past-due balance, this total will appear as $0.)

  • Refunds: Club OS now allows staff to refund $0 invoices that have been funded entirely by credit. For more info on Refunds, click here.

  • Credit: An applied credit’s line item will now appear within the ‘total’ section of a payment’s ‘Pay Now’ screen. (Note: This change also applies to the payment’s invoice PDF.)

  • Partial Payment: Club OS now allows Members to pay less than a scheduled payment’s total amount to accrue credit. For more info on Flexible Billing Options, click here.

New Release: 4/21/17


  • PT BillingClub OS now allows Members to accrue credit and apply it towards upcoming payments of their choosing. For more info on flexible billing, click here. (Effective 4/24/17)

  • Memberships: Club OS now syncs comped memberships via Club Hub, acknowledging them as being equal to a membership sale. Furthermore, a comped membership will now convert that comped Prospect into a Member. For more info on comps, click here. (Effective 4/21/17)


  • PT BillingClub OS has updated the look and functionality of its Freeze screen to provide an easier, more intuitive user experience. For more info on freezes, click here. (Effective 4/24/17)

New Release: 3/3/17


  • PT Transaction Report: This report’s ‘Payment Profile Used’ column now notifies when an invoice has, either, been comped or written-off. For more on the PT Transaction Report, click here.

New Release: 2/3/17


  • The Summary Accrual Revenue Report allows users to examine PT revenue summaries for multiple locations, simultaneously. For more on the Summary Accrual Revenue Report, click here.

New Release: 1/20/17


  • Club OS has updated the look and functionality of its Package Presentation screen to provide an easier, more intuitive user experience. (For more info, click here.)

New Release: 12/2/16


  • Package Sales Summary Report: This report now contains an additional ‘Location External Billing ID’ column that displays the Anytime Fitness Location ID in which a Member’s package was purchased. For more on the Package Sales Summary Report, click here.


New Release: 10/21/16


  • Accrual Revenue Report: In this report, the totals section has been moved to the top of columns for easier view-ability, member payments are now organized by three categories, and a ‘Salesperson’ column has been added. (For more info, click here.)
  • Member Service (Remaining Units): Users can now view the expiration date for unused units in a member’s service agreement. (For more info, click here.)
  • Package Setup (Renewal Types): Users can now permit or restrict renewal types from being applied to agreements during package creation. Additionally, users can assign a default renewal type for the package. (For more info, click here.) 
  • PT Revenue: Revenue from PT invoices will now be recorded as earned based on two criteria: (a) the transaction date that an invoice received a successful payment attempt and (b) the invoice having a status of ‘Paid’ or ‘Pending’. This definition of PT Revenue is based on accrual accounting methodology and is standardized through Club OS, including for the ‘PT Total KPIs’, the ‘PT Vitals Report’, and the ‘Accrual Revenue Report’.


New Release: 9/23/16


  • PT Payroll Report: Now includes a new ‘Subject’ column which allows staff to specify event types in relation to the Alloy training model. For more on the PT Payroll Report, click here.


  • The Employee’s Active Clients Report has been revised to only portray Members who possess remaining units on their agreement(s). Other modifications include:

    • Each service that possesses a remaining unit is now represented by its own row in the report.

    • An additional table now displays Members who are not currently assigned a Trainer.

    • For more updates on the Employee’s Active Clients Report, click here.

  • The Renewal Opportunity Report is now called the Renewal Report. (For more on the Renewal Report, click here.)

  • Member Services: The ‘Remaining Units’ column can now be clicked to display the expiration dates for currently funded, unused units as well as the expected expiration dates for any units that are attached to future, unpaid invoices. For more on the Session Count Screen, click here.

  • Member Services: An invoice's 'Status' column will now display an alert if the invoice receives a past due or delinquent status. For more on the Session Count Screen, click here.


New Release: 9/9/16


  • Frozen Agreements Report: This report details agreements that are currently frozen and agreements that are scheduled to freeze in the future. (For more info, click here.)
  • Accrual Renewal Report: This report provides PT revenue totals based off information on invoices that received an initial success response from ABC within the specified time range. (For more info, click here.) 


  • Member Service: When a new agreement is sold, clubs may now opt out of sending a PDF copy of the agreement to the member by deselecting the ‘Email Agreement to Member’ option during the member service agreement set up phase. To enable this role permission, club admins should contact their Club OS account manager. (Click here for more info on permissions.)


New Release: 8/19/16


  • Renewal Opportunity Report: This report assists Owners in tracking which agreements are set to expire and how effective their staff has been in maintaining contact with each agreement's owner. For more info on the Renewal Opportunity Report, click here.


  • Packages set to either Auto-Renew Open or Auto-Renew Term will now contain legal terms and a box that requires the Member’s initials upon purchasing. For more on the Auto-Renewal terms, click here.

  • Package Sales Summary Report: Packages that were either paid in full upfront or contain a single, non-renewed invoice will now register as ‘0’ within the Recurring Payment column. Click here for more on the Package Sales Summary Report.


New Release: 8/5/16


  • Unpaid Invoice Report:

    • Previously titled: the ‘Delinquency and Written-Off Invoices Report’.

    • New ‘Summary’ Tab: Displays the total quantity and dollar value of a location’s unpaid invoices per invoice type.

    • ‘Delinquency’ Tab: Has now been replaced with the ‘Unpaid Invoices’ tab. 

    • New ‘Payment Attempts’ Tab: Displays the transactions of each invoice listed within the ‘Unpaid Invoices’ tab.

    • ‘Voided Invoice’ Tab: Now called the ‘Written-Off Invoices’ tab.

    • For more info on the (now) Unpaid Invoice Report, click here.

New Release: 7/22/16


  • Trainer Liability Report

    • New Columns:
      • Member Service Name
      • Agreement Number
      • Sale Date
      • Auto-Renew Type
      • Fee Name and Type

    • For more info on the Trainer Liability Report, click here.


  • Trainer Liability Report

    • Each of a Member’s purchased member services will now be separated into individual rows.

    • For more info on the Trainer Liability Report, click here.


New Release: 7/8/16


  • Member Service Screen:
    • New Column: ‘Total Units (and # Funded)’
    • New Column: ‘Remaining Units (and # Funded)’
    • ‘Completed Events’ Column: A flag will now notify staff of the existence of unfunded events.
    • ‘Scheduled Events’ Column: A flag will now notify staff of the existence of past events that have yet to be set to a complete status.
    • For more info on the Member Service Screen, click here.

  • Settled Invoice Breakdown Report:
    • New Column: ‘AF Location’
    • New Column: ‘Member Service’
    • For more info on the Settled Invoice Breakdown Report, click here.


  • Member Service Screen:
    • Pop-Up Windows:
      • Now show event start times.
      • Events now appear in the order of ascending date/start time.
    • For more info on the Member Service Screen, click here.

  • Add New Event Window: Now requires staff to select a member service from the Service menu in order for the event to be saved. (If no service currently exists for that Member, the event can still be saved without a service attached.)

  • Settled Invoice Breakdown Report:
    • ‘Billing Type’ Column: Now shows as either ‘Auto-Billing’ or ‘Pay Now’.
    • For more info on the Settled Invoice Breakdown Report, click here.
  • Chargeback: Previously ‘Inactive’ billing statuses will now reset to ‘Active’ once its initial ‘chargeback’ invoice has been paid. (For more info on Chargebacks, click here.)
  • Agreements: An error message will now prevent staff from saving agreements without first attributing a number to the amount of down payment billing cycles.

  • PT Payroll Report: Events listed within the Employee Tabs are now arranged by order of ascending Training Dates. (For more info on the PT Payroll Report, click here.)

  • PT Scheduled Drafts Report: Events are now arranged by order of ascending draft dates. (For more info on the PT Scheduled Drafts Report, click here.)


New Release: 6/17/16


  • Member Services: Trainers’ names will now appear within the events window. (For more info on the Session Count Screen, click here.)
  • New permissions include:

    • Package Billing Feature Settings
      • Enable Cash/Check for Recurring Payment

    • Package Billing User Settings
      • Create Agreements
      • Cancel Agreements
      • Freeze/Un-Freeze Agreements
      • Refund Invoices
      • Comp Invoices
      • Write Off Invoices
      • Extend Member Service Expiration Dates

    • Package Agreement Feature Settings
      • Enable Memberships
      • Enable Marketing Bullets

    • For more info on permissions, click here.
  • Canceled Agreements Report: This report allows the listing of agreements that were canceled within a designated date range. It is filterable by trainer. (For a breakdown of the Canceled Agreements Report, click here.)


  • Package Sales Summary Report: This report has been greatly expanded to include eleven new columns. (For a breakdown of the Package Sales Summary Report, click here.)


New Release: 6/3/16


  • Payroll Report: Now includes a ‘By Employee’ filter. (This filter is accessible only to Location Managers/Admins.)

  • Payroll Report: Once given permission, Trainers and Salespeople can now run this report for themselves. (For more on the PT Payroll Report, click here.)

  • Dashboard: New KPI’s:
    • PT Total New ($): The sum total of down payment invoices that occurred within the designated date/MTD period. (This excludes comped invoices.)
    • PT Total Recur ($): The sum total of non-down payment invoices that occurred within the designated date/MTD period. (This excludes comped invoices.)

    • PT Agreements New: New agreements sold within the designated date/MTD period.

    • PT Agreements Renewal - Open: An agreement that renews upon every billing cycle. Each renewal will register as a single KPI stat for the designated date/MTD period.

    • PT Agreements Renewal - Term: A set-term agreement that, upon renewing, will renew for an identical length of time. Each renewal will register a single KPI stat for the designated date/MTD.

    • For more KPI definitions, click here.

  • Vitals Report: This report helps club owners identify key month-to-month PT trends such as conversion rates, money collected, and average agreement values.


  • Club Services: Inventory and invoice lists are now arranged by agreement. (For more information on the redesign, click here.)

  • Club Hub: Club OS will only sync a Prospect’s past events. (For more information on Club Hub workflows, click here.)


New Release: 5/20/16


  • Calendar Events:
    • A loading icon will now appear in the place of a funding icon as the event calculates its funding.
    • Every five seconds, Club OS will re-check on events that have yet to complete calculation of their funding.
    • A funding icon will now post as green (for funded) or red (for not-funded) after an event’s funding calculation is complete.


  • Payroll Report:
    • Summary Tab:
      • An additional row now lists the names of every employee represented in the report. This, too, will aid in distinguishing reports for clubs that choose to print paper copies.
      • A new column, ‘Total Events Paid’, displays the total number of paid sessions per individual employee.

    • Employee Tab:
      • Now organized by ascending date/time, only.
      • ‘Validated’ Column: Now includes a timestamp signifying the time at which each session was validated.
      • An additional row now lists the name of whichever employee is represented within the tab. This will aid in distinguishing reports for clubs that choose to print paper copies.
      • A new column, ‘Validated By’. displays the name of the individual (member or staff) who is responsible for having validated the session.

For more information on the Payroll Report, click here.


New Release: 5/6/16


  • PT Opportunity: Members will occupy this optional, follow-up status once their remaining PT sessions have dipped below a club-set threshold. (Ex. Members with no auto-renewals or future invoices.) This signals club staff of the opportunity to promote new sales. For more information on PT Opportunity, click here.

  • Package Creation: The system now secures staff from entering ‘0’ for a package’s term length, maximum term, and minimum term. For more information on Package Creation click here.

  • Delinquency Report:
    • An added Total Unique Payments column now totals only the amount which is owed per individual invoice.

    • An added Invoice # column matches billings attempts toward individual invoices.

    • Now includes a Written-Off Invoices tab.


  • Refunds: Refund links now appear for current Bodyworkz invoices, only. For more information on Refunds, click here.

  • PT Invoice: Only members with invoices set to Settled or Pending Settled will have that invoice emailed to them. For more information on PT Invoice Emails, click here.

  • Agreements: Agreements canceled for a future date will now display the date in which that cancellation is set to take effect.

  • Funding Icon ($): This icon now appears only on calendar events marked as Active, Confirmed, Cancel - Charge, No Show - Charge, and Completed.

  • Trainer Liability Report: Now includes the columns Sessions Expired Comped (count), Sessions Expired Comped ($), Paid Sessions Not Used Comped (count), and Paid Sessions Not Used Comped ($). For more information on the updated Trainer Liability Report, click here.

  • Delinquency Report: Now called the ‘Delinquency and Written-Off Invoices Report’. For more information on the Delinquency and Written-Off Invoices Report, click here.

  • PT Transaction Report: Comped invoices now appear as $0.

  • PT Projections Report: Comped invoices do not contribute to revenue.

  • Settled Invoice Breakdown Report: Comped invoices do not appear.

  • New Calendar Event: The Member Services menu will now only list services for which that Member currently has inventory or will in the future via auto-renewal.

  • KPI: Only KPI stats represented in numerical form will now feature projected values.


New Release: 4/8/16


  • Member Service Commission: Commissions can now be backdated or deleted altogether.
  • Member Service Commission: Both previous and future commissions will now display alongside present day commissions.
  • Club OS now imports lists of FC Events from Bodyworkz in the effort that members with FC may be converted into their proper follow-up status.
  • Club staff now possess the ability to Write Off delinquent invoices.
  • Invalid payment profiles may now be deleted by staff on the condition that it has been cleared of all active agreements.
  • Excluding down payments, club locations can now decide to remove cash/credit as an option for paying invoices.
  • Upon configuring and selling PT packages, that package’s total number of sessions will now display on both the package screen and edit detail screen.
  • A package’s agreement PDF will now display the list of invoices the club expects the member to pay.


  • Club staff can now take the future freeze off of a PT agreement so long as its Freeze Date has yet to occur.
  • A PT Event’s ‘Save’ button will only recognize an employee’s initial click and remain unmoved by any additional, repetitive clicking.


New Release: 3/18/16


  • It is now possible to view PT purchases in a members follow-up window.
  • When creating a member package, there is a new “edit” button for convenient editing capabilities.
  • You now have the ability to edit the following freeze agreements:
    • Active freeze agreement end dates
    • Future freeze agreements dates
    • Delete a future freeze entirely
  • Payroll Report: “Event Status” now has its own column. It was previously attached to the member name.
  • Payroll Report: There is now a column for “Event Duration” (in minutes).
  • PT Transaction Report: There is now an “Invoice Number” column for convenient invoice/payment matching.
  • Location managers now have access to drip and blast email campaigns.


  • The member service will now show in your orientation or assessment appointment. This was previously not showing when you reopened the page. 
  • PT Validation check-ins are now being verified.
  • Refund Update: The “quantity refundable” is now set to the number of member services. This was previously set to 0.
  • Refund Update: The system will not allow you to refund 0 member services.
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