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Package Setup: Sales Commission

  1. Intro to Package Setup
  2. Step 1: Member Services
  3. Step 2: Packages
  4. Step 3: Terms
  5. Step 4: Taxes
  6. Step 5: Member Service Commission
  7. Step 6: Sales Commission
  8. Step 7: Pay Period Admin

Topic: To explain and explore the Sales Commission section of Club OS’ Package Setup.

Sales Commission is an avenue in which a club may incentivize staff on selling service packages. The commission can be configured for a single employee or an entire staff. 

Begin by clicking the Sales Commission tab of Package Setup.



Next, select the employee(s) to which this commission applies.




(Note: If so desired, a club can apply a commission toward its entire staff. This is achieved by clicking ‘All Employees’.)

To add a commission, click the ‘Set New Sales Commission’ link.


This will take you to the ‘Set Sales Commission’ page, as seen below.




The Sales Commission setup page is comprised of two parts:

  1. Set Sales Commission
  2. Commission Tiers

Here, the page has been broken down for easier notation. Fill out the fields as needed. (Red boxes are mandatory.)

A. Set Sales Commission




  1. Regions: This box will show all the locations that a User has access to.
    Note: If a service is to be assigned to all locations, this can be done by selecting all locations simultaneously.
  1. Effective Date: The date in which the commission first takes effect.

B. Commission Tiers

   3.  Pay Rate: Shows what percentage of a sale that staff will be paid as commission. 

   4.  Total Sales: Displays the qualifying sales figure(s) from which the pay rate is  


Below is the most basic instance of commission: Tier 1. In this, whether an employee is responsible for a club collecting $1 or $1,000 on a package this pay period, that staff nets whatever locked percentage that an Admin appoints. (Example: Here, staff is set up to make 5% of any gain.)


To increase incentivization, click ‘+Add Tier’. A second tier will appear.

Notice how Tier 1’s Total Sales has been amended. No longer will Tier 1’s 5% rate apply to every earning. Now there is a cap for the Admin to install. Upon installation, Tier 2 will automatically take that Tier 1 cap as its new Total Sales minimum. (Example: Now staff is set to net 5% of gains between $0 and $10.)

Lastly, make sure to insert a second pay rate.

(Example: The above example now depicts a structured commission in which staff can net 5% of earnings between $0 - $10, and 15% of any total sales higher than $10.)

If an Admin so desires, additional tiers can be added -again, accomplished by clicking ‘+Add Tier’.


Once the commission is complete, click ‘Save’. This commission will now display on the Sales Commission page.


Step 7: Pay Period Admin

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