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Package Setup: Pay Period Admin

  1. Intro to Package Setup
  2. Step 1: Member Services
  3. Step 2: Packages
  4. Step 3: Terms
  5. Step 4: Taxes
  6. Step 5: Member Service Commission
  7. Step 6: Sales Commission
  8. Step 7: Pay Period Admin

Pay Period Admin allows a Club Admin to determine sales commission settings and set up a schedule for calculating commission payments. This is usually a one-time setup. If you need to make changes, you may need to contact our support team

Start by navigating to My Club --> Package Setup --> Pay Period Admin.

Pay Period Admin Tab

To add or adjust a payroll setting, click the ‘Add Pay Period Setting’ link.

Add Pay Period Setting

This will take you to the ‘Pay Period Setup' page.

Pay Period Setup

Red boxes below indicate required fields. Pay Period Setup is a one-time action; if you need to change these settings in the future, please contact our support team.

Pay Period Setup

Pay Period Setup

Period Length: Defines the timing of the pay period (on a monthly, semi monthly, or weekly basis)

Start Date: The date you want these settings to go into effect. 

(If you have chosen Semi Monthly for Period Length, your start date choices will be restricted to the 1st and the 10th.)


Pay Dates: Determines the Payment Period start and end dates - Monthly, Semi-Monthly, or Weekly.

Payroll Report Setup

Determine the settings for sales commission here.

Payroll Report Setup

  • Money Collected: Sales commission is based on the amount collected on an agreement each pay period. Employees must be listed as the Salesperson on an agreement in order to be eligible.
  • Total Agreement Value: 
    • For new agreement sales: Sales commission is based on the total value of an agreement sold during the pay period.
    • For rewritten agreements: Sales commission is based on the added total value to an agreement rewritten during the pay period.
  • Down Payment Value: Sales commission is based on the down payments (base payments) on new agreements sold during the pay period

Commission Reports

Commission reports will be automatically generated in Pay Period Admin every pay period according to the settings you created. Click the name/date range of the report to have it sent to you. (A popup will appear asking for confirmation. Click OK, and the report will be sent to the email address on file for your account.)

Pay Period Admin 

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