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New Release: 3/18/16


Club OS New Release


  • Trainers will now be included in the drop-down menu for KPI’s and Follow-Ups.


  • The “Appt Show %” has been updated to show the correct percentage that reflects each origin (walk-in, phone inquiry, web lead, referral, outreach, other).
  • When changing an account type to a Club Admin (for promotions, etc.), they will now be restricted to the home location.
  • If a club ignores rewrites and renewal agreements through their club settings, we will no longer add those as calendar events.




  • Opt Out Report: We have added a “phone number” column for more detailed SMS opt out reporting.
  • New Prospect Report: There is now a column for “Appt Status” to determine no show, cancel, completed, etc.


  • New Prospect Report: You may now run the report for all locations. There will be a main summary tab and separate tabs for each location.


Club Specific Releases


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